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WOmens rights organization founded to fight discrimination against women

National Organization for Women (NOW) 1966


Site of the 1890 massacer of Sioux by federal troops that was occupied by members of the American Indian Movement in 1973. AIM insisted that the govt honor treaty obligations of the past

Wounded KNee 1973


Best selling book Betty Friedan that challenged the women to move beyond the drudgery of being a suburban housewife

The Feminine Mystique 1963


Riot at a gay bar in NYC that was periodically raided by police. The riot helped trigger the gay rights movement.

Stonewall Riot 1969


Health insurance program for the poor, provide states with money to buy health care for people on welfare

Medicaid 1965


Health insurance program for the elderly and disabled providing government payment for health care supplied by private doctors and hospitals

Medicare 1965


Organizaiton formed in TX by Mexican American veterns to overcome discrimination and provide support for vetrans and all Hispanics. Led the fight to end the segregation of Hispanic children in schools throughout the west and southwest

American GI Forum 1948


Mexican American equivalent of the Civil RIghts movement for Mexican American. The movement included student demonstrated to presss the bilingal, the hiring more Chicano, and the creation of Chicano studies programs

Chicano Movement


Law that forbids gender based pay discrimination of people performing substantially equal work for the same employer

Equal Pay Act 1963


Amendment to the US Constitution giving women equal rights under the law. ALthough the amendment was passed by Congress, it failed to achieve radification by the required 38 states.

Equal rights amendment 1972


Provision of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that guarntees women legal protection against discrimination

Title VII 1964


Law that gave Indian tribes control over federal programs carried out on their reservations and increasing the authority in reservation schools

Indian Self Determination and Education Assisstance Act 1974


Island in Sanfransico Bay that was occupied by Inidans activists who demanded that hte island be made available to them as a culutral center

Alcatraz 1969


One of the leading Meican American civil rights and soical justice activist of the 1960s

Cesar Chavez (wanted farming)


Social program indroduced by President Johnson for a war on poverty, protection of civil rights, and funding for education

Lyndon Johnson's Great Soiety 1964


Prominent member of the AMerican Indian Movement who helped organized the seize of Alcatraz in 1969 and Wounded Knee in 1973

Russel Means


Militant Indian movement that was willing to use confrontation to obtain social justice and Indian treaty rights

American Indian Moement (AIM) 1968


President Johnson's program to help Americans escape poverty through education, job trianing, and community development

War on Poverty 1964