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Effort by Civil Rights groups in Mississippi to register black voters in the summer of 1964

Freedom Summer


Organization formed to give young blacks a great voice in the civil rights movement. Organized black voter drives, sit ins, and freedom rides

Student Nonviolent Coordinating Commitee (SNCC) 1960


Movement that rejected the nonviolent and coalition building approach of tradition civil rights groups. Advocated for self determination of blacks (black control of black organizations)

Black Power


AL govener who represented a "white blacklash"to the Civil Rights movement. He opposed racial desegregation and ran for presidnent in 1968 as an independent candidate

George Wallace


Organization formed from Martin Luther King Jr and others after the Montgomery bus boycott. It became the backbone of the movement to achieve civil rights through nonviolence

Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) 1957


African American seamstriss who refused to give his seat to a white man on a bus in Montgomery AL. Triggered a boycott of the bus system that sparked the Civil Rights Movement

Rosa Parks


Laws passed by many southern communities to stop civil rights protests by allowing the police to arrest anyone suspected of intending to disrupt public order

public order laws


Babtist minister and civil rights leader who was committed to nonviolence. Beginning with the Montgomery bus boycott in 1955, he led many significant protests in the late 1950s and 60s

Martin Luther King Jr


Revolutionary organization founded in 1966 that endorsed violence as a means of social change

Black Panthers


Effort to achieve integretion of bus terminals by riding integrated bus through the south

freedom rides 1961


Neighborhood in Los Angeles, CA where a race riot broke out resulting in millions of dollars in damage and the death of 28 blacks

Watts 1965


Law that outlawed unjust restricitons on voting and authorized federal supervision of elections in areas where black voting has been restricted

Voting Rights Act of 1965


Through executive order 9981, President Truman ended racial descrimination and segregation in the US armed forces

Desregation of the Armed Forces 1948


Religious group founded by Elijah Muhammad which professed Islamic relgious beliefs and emphasized black separatism

Nations of Islam (black Islam)


Member of the Nation of Islam and activist for black separatism. After leaving the Nations of Islam in 1964, he was assassinated in 1965

Malcom X


Supreme Court case stating that seperate educational facilities for different races were inheredently unequal and therefore unconstitutional

Brown v. Board of Education 1954


Black student that went to the University of Mississippi under federal court order in 1962

James Meredith


First significant civil rights legislation since Reconstruction ended in 1877. Created the US Commission on Civil Rights and the Civil Rights Commission on the Justice Department

Civil Rights Act 1957


Nationwide reaction in more than 100 cities to the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr

race riots 1968


Gathering of Civil Rights supporters in DC to pressure the US Congress to pass civil rights legislation. Martin Luther King Jr delivered his I Have a Dream speech at this march

March on Washington 1963


Statement issued by 100 southern congressmen, after the Brown v. Board of Education disicion, in which they pledged to oppose racial segregation

Southern Manifesto 1954


Law that barred segregation in public facilities forbade employers to discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sex, or national origin

Civil Rights Act 1964


The act of occupying the seats or an area of a segregated establishment to protest racial segregation. Popularized in Greensboro NC in 1960

sit ins


Civil Rights march in AL to bring attension to the need for a voting rights act

March from Selma to Montgomery 1965