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Coalition of student groups that insisted on their right to political activity on campus

Berkeley Free speech movement 1964-65


Supreme Court decision stating that state laws requiring prayers and bible readings in the public schools violated the first amendments provision of seperation of church and state

Engel v Vitale 1962


Loans established by the US govt to encourage the teaching and study of science and modern foreign languages. Passed in response to the launch of Sputnik by Soviet Union.

National defense student loans 1958


Region stretching from Florida in a westward arc across the Sourh and southwest that saw substantial population growth and industrialization

Sun Belt


Law that abolished the national origins quota system that had been in place since 1924. Have preference to skilled workers, settling limits on immigration from the Western Hemisphere. Provided for the admission of close relatives of US citizens.

Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965


Site of a nuclear power accident in Pennsylvania that led to radioactive gases and almost led to a nuclear meltdown

Three Mile Island 1979


Federal agency created to control pollution and protect the environment

Environment Protection Agency 1970


Federal law designed to control air pollution

Clean Air Act 1970


Book written by Rachel Carson, a Marine biologist who warned of the misuse of pesticides and their negative affects on the environment. The book is credited with starting the modern environmental movement

Silent Spring 1962


Supreme Court decision that required law enforcement officers to inform defendants of their rights

Miranda v Arizona 1966


Supreme Court decision that required state courts to provide counsel for poor defendants

Gideon v Wainwright 1963


International day of celebration and awareness of global enviormental issues launched by environmentalists on April 22, 1970

Earth Day 1970


Supreme Court decision that recognized a citizens right to privacy, stating that a state could not prohibit the use of contraceptives by adults

Griswold v Connecticut 1965


Law that provided veterans pensions, govt loans, and money to attend college. Sent millions of vetrans to college and helped promote economic prosperity in the postwar years

GI Bill of Rights 1954


Nationwide student organization that was pro civil rights and anti war, wanting to transform the US into a participatory democracy

Students for a democratic society


Supreme Court decision that established the principle of "one man one vote" requiring election districts to provide equal representation

Baker v Carr 1962