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Roaring 20s?

Marked by a wave of new lifestyle and ideas
Movie industries produced new celebraties
jazz music flourished
literature flourished
flappers defined a socaial trend
America began to stray from tradition values



Refers to the economic stability and oppurtunity expierenced during the 1920s
Inventions of new consumer goods and home electric electric products contributed to this
Boom in electric industry
growth in oriented buisness
expansionist regarding American capitalism
Boom strated with invention of automobile


KDKA Pittsburg?

First successful radio station in the US started Nov 2, 1920
Broadcasted the news of the president Harding Election
Influenced the Federal Radio Commission


Women's Christin Temperance Movement?

Formed 1874
Grew in momentum during the progressive era
Occured because the war with Germany fermented wider suport for the movement
By 1917, it established prohibition in 19 states


Mafrcus Garvey?

Universal Negro Improvement Association
Black natonalist leader who created the Back to Africa Movement in the US
1907 he led a printers strike for higher wages at a printing compant in Kingston
1914 he founded the UNIA
1916 started the newspaper Negro World


Langston Hughes?

Harlem Renaissance
American writer known for the use of jazz and black folk rhymes in his poetry
Used musical rhyms and the traditions of balcks culture in his poetry
1920s he was a prominent figure in Harlem Renaissance
and was a poet Laureate of Harlem
Harlem Renissance refers to balck cultural developemtn
Movement depended on the patronge of white people


Henry Ford?

Model T
Completed first automobile in 1893
1903 started ford motor company
1908 started productin of model T
1913 began using standardized interchangable parts adnd assembly lines in his plants


Babe Ruth?

Most popular baseball player ever
He began 1914on Baltimore team of the international league


Jazz Age?

General Label of what the 20s represented
reflects the revolution in music during this time when jazz became popular and in style
refers to prosperity and liberation of people in this time
good times


The Lost Generation?

Refers to Americans writers that lived in Paris
Bitter about WWI experiences
Disenfranchised with the decade
Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Williams
New generation rebels agaisn last gen
Seemed to be expatriates
Never formed a movemnt byt individually were influencal


Scott Fitzgerald?

Great Gatsby
Wrote the book in 5 months in 1925
Plot was sensitive and satiric story of success and collapse of American dream
Lost Generation
bitter from the effects of war


Earnest Hemingway?

A Farewell to Arms
Hemingway's novels depicted the lives of men and women who are deprived of faith by WWI; and mena of simple character and primitive emotions
Also wrote The sun also rises


New Woman?

Post war behavior had a liberating effect on women
Women were notcied more for sex appeal and in the advertising industry as such
Domestic chores were taken care of with nre technology
More liberatied attitude



leave theri boot flaps open
independent and representing the rebellious youth of the age
bobbed hair, smoked, heavy makeup, short skirt
steryotype of women in the 1920s