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After increasingly escalating the number of US forces in S Vietnam, Johnson slowly realized he was fighting a war against Vietnamese nationalism that he could not win. In 1968, Johnson withdrew from the presidental election and called for peace talks to end the Vietnam war

Vietnam 1965-69 (Johnson administration)


Vietcong and N Vietnamese attack throughout S Vietnam that caused public opinion in the US to turn against the war

Tet Offensive 1968


S Vietnam fell to communist control

Fall of South Vietnam 1975


Law that prevents the president from involving the US in war without congressional authorizaion

War Powers Act 1973


Senator who opposed the Vietnam war and was assassinated while campaigning for the Democratic nomination for president in 1968

Robert Kennedy


Senator who opposed the Vietnam War and made an unsuccessful attempt to win the Democratic nomination for presidnet in 1968

Eugene McCarthy


Vietnamese Communist rebels in S Vietnam



Belief that a nation fell under communism control, nearby nations would fall would fall under communist power. It led to the US sending military forces to aid S Vietnam

Domino Theory


The US withdrew combat troops

US withdrawl from South Vietnam 1973


After the French Colonists were forced out of Vietnam in 1954, Vietnam was divided into two nations, north and south. When elections to unify the divided nations were canceled in 1956, the US sent aid and advisors to S Vietnam

Vietnam War 1954-1961 (Esinhower administration)


President Nixon's policy of gradually removing US troops from Vietnam

Vietnamization 1969-73


Although president Nixon increadsed the bombing of Vietnam and launhed invasions of Laos and Cambodia, he lso decided to withdraw troops from Vietnam

Vietnam War 1969-73 (Nixon Adminastration)


Classified govt documents on the Vietnam War leaked to the press by Daniel Ellsberg and leaked to the New York Times. Efforts to block publication was rejected by the US Supreme Court

Pentagon Papers 1971


After President Johnson declared North Vietnamese forces attacked US boats in foreign waters, the US Congress voted to give the president a blank check to do whatever was neccesary in order to stop the spread of Communism in S Vietnam

Tonkin Gulf Resoluntion 1964


War started by N Korean forces crossing the 38th Parallek and invading S Korea. United Nations forces, strenghtened primarily by the US, launched a police action agaisnt N Korea to stop agressive actions

Korean War 1950-53


University in Ohio where students were shot and killed by National Guard Troops during a protest against the Vietnam War

Kent State 1970


In an effort to help S Vietnam, the US increased the amount of advisors in S VIetnam and sent special forces to fight in S Vietnamr

Vietnam (Kennedy Administration) 1961-63


Left wing student organization founded to attack american materialism and work for social justice and civil rights. Associated with the anti war movement of the late 1960s.

Students for a Democratic Society 1960


Village in S Vietnam where US troops massacred 350-500 innocent women and children. Increased public opposition to the war when it became public in 1969

My Lai 1988