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Financiers Jim Fisk and Jay Gould tried to involve the Grant administration in a corrupt scheme to do what?

corner the gold market


Boss Tweed's widespread corruption was finally brought to a halt by what?

journalisic exposes of the NY times and cartoonist Thomas Nast


What did the Credit Mobilier scandal involve?

Railroad corporation fraud and the subseuent bribery of congressmen


Grants greatest failing in the scandals that plagued his administration was what?

his tolertion of corruption and his loyality to crooked friends


The depression of the 1870s led to incerading demands for what?

Inflation fo the money supply by issuing more paper or silver currancy


The political system for the Gilded Age was gnerally characterized by what?

strong party, loyalties, high voter turnout, and few disagreements on national issues


The primary goal for which all factions in both political parties contended during the Gilded Age was what?



The key tradeoff featured in the Compromise of 1877 was what?

Republicans got the presidency in exchange for the final removal of federal troops from the south


What is the other word for patronage?

spoils systems


Which of the following was not among the changes that affected blacks in the south after federal troops were withdrawn in the Compromise of 1877?

The forced relocation of black farmers to the KS and OK "dust"


The supreme court's ruling in Plessy v Ferguson upholding "seperate but equal" public facilities in effect legalized what?

the system of unequal segregation between races


The great railroad strike of 1877 revealed what?

the growing threat of class warfare in response to the economic depression of the mid 1870s


The final result of the widespread anti-Chinese agitation in the West was what?

a Congresional law to prohibit any further Chinese immigration


Who was James Garfield assassinated by?

a mentally unstable disappointed office seeker


In the first years, the populist party advocated, among other things, what?

free silver
graduated income tax
government ownership of the railroads, telegraph, and telephone


Grover Cleveland stirred a furious storm of protest when, in response to the extreme financial crisis of the 1890s, he did what?

borrowed $65 million from JP Morgan and other bankers in order to save the monetary gold standard


What is the symbol of the Republican political tactic of attacking Democrats with reminders of hte Civil War?

waving bloody shirt


What was the corrupt construction company whose bribes and payoffs to congressmen and others created a major Grant administraion scandal?

Credit Mobilier


What was the short lived third party of 1872 that attempted to curb Grant administration corruption?

Liberal Republican


What was the precious metal that soft money advocates demanded be coined again to compensate for the "Crime of 73"?



What was the soft money third party that polled over a million votes and elected four congressmen in 1878 by advocating inflation?

Greenback labor party


What did Mark Twain sarcstic name for the post civil war era, which emphasized its atmoshere of greed and corruption?

Gilded Age


What was hte name of hte civil war Union vetrens organization that became a potent political bulwark of the Republican party in the late 19th century?

Grand Army of the Republic


What is the republican party faction led by senator roscoe conkling that opposed all attempts at civil-service reform?



What republican party faction led by Senator James Blaine that paid lip service to government reform while still battling for patronage and spoils?



What was the complex political agreement between R/D that resolved the bitterly disputed election of 1876?

Compromise of 1877


What Asian immigrant group that experienced discrimmination on the west coast?



What was the system for choosing federal employees on the basis of merit rather than patronage introduced by the Pendleton Act of 1883?

Civil Service Commision


What was the sky high Republican tariff of 1890 that caused widespread anger among farmers in the Midwest and the South?

McKinley Tariff Act


What is the insurgent political party that gained widespread support among farmers in the 1890s?

Populist Party


What was the notorious clause in southern voting laws tht exempted from literacy tests and poll taxes anyone whose ancestors had voted in 1860, therefore, excluding blacks?

grandfather clause


What was the effect of favor seeking business people and corrupt politicians?

Caused numerous scandals during President Grants administration


What was the effect of The NY TImes and cartoonist Thomas Nast?

Forced Boss Tweed out of power and into jail


What was the effect of upright Republicans disgust with Grant administration scandals?

Led to the formtion of the Liberal Republican party in 1872


What was the effect of the economic crash of hte mid 1870s?

Caused unemployment, railroad strikes, and a demand for cheap money


What was the effect of Local, cultural, moral, and religious differences?

Creted fierce partisan competition and high voters turnouts, even though the parties agreed on most national issues


What was the effect of the COmpromise of 1877 that settled the dispute Hayes Tilden election?

Led to the withdrawal of troops from the south and the virtual end of federal efforts to protect black rights there


What was the effect of White workers resentment of Chinese labor competition?

Caused anti Chinese violence and restricitons against Chinese immigration


What was the effect of the public shock at Garfield's assassination by Guiteau?

Helped ensure passage of the Pendleton Act


What was the effect of the 1890s depression and the drain of gold from the federal treasury?

Induced Grover Cleveland to negotiate a secrete loan from JP Morgan's banking syndicate


What was the effect of the inability of Populist leaders to overcome divisions between white and black farmers?

Led to failure of the third party revolt in the south and a growing racial blacklash