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Who almost ran for a third term before the House derailed that proposal?



Who did the Republicans run in the election of 1876?

Rutherford Hayes
Great Unknown because no one knew much about him


Who did the democrats run in the election of 1876?

Samuel Tilden


How was the election really close in 1876?

Tilden got 184 out of 185 electoral votes needed
votes for LO SC FL and parts of oregon were unsure and disputed


How did they handle the disputed states?

they sent in two sets of returns one for D/R


What was the Electoral Count Act?

passed in 1877
set up an electoral commission that consisted of 15 men selected from the Senate the House and Supreme court
The 15 man was supposed to be independent David Davis but he resigned last minute


How did the Senate and House settle the dispute between Hayes and Tilden?

Febuary 1877
Hayes became president
Compromise of 1877


What was the compromise of 1877?

North: Hayes would become president if he agreed to remove troops from the remaining two southern states where Union troops remained (LO and SC) and make a bill that would subsidize the Texas and Pacific rail line
South: military rule and reconstruction ended


What happened to blacks when Compromise of 1877 came into effect?

abonded blacks by withdrawing troops
Last atttempt to protect blacks was the Civil RIghts Act of 1875 which was declared unconstiutional by the Supreme court in the 1883 Civil Rights cases


As Reconstruction ended and the military returned northward, who asserted their power?



How did whites assert their power?

Literacy requirements for voting began, voting registration laws emerged, poll taxes began (aimed towards blacks)
Most blacks became sharecroppers (providing nothing but labor) or tenant farmers (if they could provide their own tools)


In 1896, the Supreme court ruled what from the Plessy v Ferguson case?

separate but equal faclities were constitutionl


What was legalized by the Plessy v Fergson case?

Jim Crow segregation


When was the Plessy v Ferguson case?



What did the presidents of the nations four largest railroad do?

In 1877, they cut wages by 10%


What was the impact of presidents of the nations four largest railroads cutting 10% wages?

Workers struck back
stopped working
when Hayes sent troops to stop this, violence errupted and more than 100 people died in the several weeks of chaos


What did the failure of the railroad strike show?

weakness in hte labor movements, but this was partly caused by friciton between races, especially irish and chinesse


In San Fransisco, who incited his followers to terrorize the Chinese?

Irish born Denis Kearney


Congress passed a bill severly resistricting the influx of what?

Chinese immigrants
most of whom were male who had come to Cali to work on railroad
Hayes vetoed the bill saying it violated the existing treaty with China


When did Congress passed a bill severly resistricting the influx of Chinese immigrants?



After Hayes left office, what was passed?

Chinese Exclusion Act in 1882


What was the Chinese Exclusion Act?

barred any chinese from entering the US - first law limiting immigration


In 1880, who did the Repulicans nominate for the election?

James Garfield
rank of a major general in the Civil War


Who was Garfield's running mate?

Chester Arther from NY
he was a stalwart


whats a stalwart?

supporter of Roscoe Conkiling


Who did the Democrats choose as their canidate for the 1880 election?

Winfield Hancock
civil war general who appealed to the south due to his fair treatment during the reconstruction
vetran who was wounded in Gettysburg so appealed to vets


What did the 1880 election avoid?

touchy subjects


Who squeaked by in the popular vote in 1880?

Garfield (electoral vote 214: 155)


Garfield was what kind of person?

hated to hurt people feeling and say no


Who did Garfield name to the position of Secretary of state and what acts did he make?

James Blaine
anti Stalwart acts


How was Garfield Murdered?

Septemeber 19, 1881
shot in the head by Charles Guiteau who used the early verson of insanity plea to avoid conviction
he was hanged anyway


How did Charles Arthur shock many people?

didnt seem to be a good fit for preident
gave cold sholder to stalwarts, chief supporters, and called for reform, a call heeded by the republican party as it showed enthusiasm for the reform


What was the Pendleton Act?

Magna Charta of civil service reform (awarding of governent jobs based on ability, not just because a buddy awarded the job), prohibited financial assessments on jobholders including lowly scrubwomen, and established a merit system of making appointments to office on the basis of aptitude rather than pull


What did the Pendleton Act also do?

set up civil service commision charged with administering open competitive service and offices not classified by the president remained the fought over in politics


How many people did Arthur get to join the pendleton act?

by 1884, he had classified nearly 10% of all federal offices or nearly 14,000 of them


What did the pendleton act partially divide?

Politics from patronage but drove politicians into "marriages of convenience" with buisness leaders


Who was the republican canidate for the 1884 election?

James Blaine


What are the republicans reformers that switched to democratic party because they did not like Blaine?



Who did the democrats chose for the 1884 election?

Grover Cleveland
but it was revealed he may be the father of an illegitimate child


The campain of 1884 was filled with the lowest _ in history.



What was the contest depended on in 1884?

It depended on how Ny chose
one foolish republican insulted teh race, faith, and patriotism of NY heavy Irish population
NY voted for Cleveland