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Friction rub best heard where?

Left sternal border


Cause of acute pericarditis?

1. Infectious
2. Vasculitis (autoimmune, postradiation)
3. Immunologic (Dressler)
4. MI
5. Trauma
6. Neoplasms (breast, lung, lymphoma)


Classic description of pericarditis garnered from hx?

1. Substernal chest pain
2. worsens with inspiration and recumbency
3. radiates to trapezius ridge
4. improved by sitting and leaning forward


EKG findings in acute pericarditis?

1. Diffuse ST segment elevation
2. PR segment depression
3. Opposite findings to above in aVR and V1


Why is it important to distinguish between an MI and pericarditis?

Thrombolytics is treatment for infarction but could cause pericardial hemorrhage and cardiac tamponade if patient has pericarditis


EKG findings seen in MI but not in pericarditis?

1. ST segment depression in other leads
2. Loss of R wave amplitude
3. Q waves


Symptomatic differences of pain between MI and pericarditis?

MI – gradual onset with crescendo pattern, pressure-type pain, pain does not vary with inspiration, pain relieved with nitrates

Pericarditis – sharp pain, varies with respiration


Treatment of acute pericarditis?

NSAIDs, Colchicine, steroids


Patient with pericarditis end-stage renal disease – likely cause? Tx?

Uremic pericarditis. Dialysis

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