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Patient with anaphylaxis – next step?

1. IM epinephrine
2. Corticosteroids and H1/H2 blockers



Swelling lips, periorbital region, face, hands, feet


Anaphylactoid reactions?

Like anaphylaxis but not caused by immunologic mechanisms


Anaphylaxis results from?

Immunologic IgE-mediated mechanism


Most common cause of drug related anaphylaxis? Most common cause of food related anaphylaxis?

Penicillins; Peanuts


Anaphylaxis reactions usually occur within?

5-60 minutes


Clinical Manifestations of anaphylaxis?

Flushing, urticaria, angioedema, diaphoresis

Nasal – sneezing, rhinorrhea, congestion
Throat – hoarseness, strider, laryngeal edema
Breathing – dyspnea, tachypnea, wheezing, Cyanosis
Cardiac – tachycardia, bradycardia, hypotension, arrhythmia
G.I. – nausea/vomiting, diarrhea,
Neuro – dizziness, weakness, syncope, seizures


Erythema multiforme minor?

Target lesions that occurs after HSV or other infection or drugs.


Erythema multiforme major? Findings? Causes?

SJS, involves two or more mucosal surfaces. Petechia, vesicles, bullae, Desquamation of skin

Usually caused by sulfa drugs or NSAIDs


Toxic epidermal necrolysis?

Similar to SJS but greater than 30% epidermal detachment.

Symptoms include: fevers,
Nero – seizures, coma, headache
Joints – arthralgias
Eyes – corneal ulcerations
Cardiac – arrhythmias, pericarditis,


Serum sickness: Time of onset? Symptoms?

Allergic reaction 7-10 days after primary administration (Or 2-4 days after secondary administration) of a drug

Fever, polyarthralgia, urticaria, Lymphadenopathy, glomerulonephritis


Sermon sickness: pathophysiology? Treatment?

Caused by formation of immune new complexes of IgG

Antihistamines, aspirin, NSAIDs


Iodine allergy? Mechanism? Pretreatment? Not related to?

Radiologic contrast allergy.

Caused by hyperosmolar dye causing granulations of mast cells and basophils (not a true allergic reaction)

treat with preemptive diphenhydramine, H2-blockers, and corticosteroids 12 hours before procedure

No evidence that seafood allergy is related to adverse events


Dilantin (phenytoin) hypersensitivity: Manifests as? Associated with? Mechanism? Treatment?

Skin rash up to TEN. Associated with drug fever that resembles infectious mononucleosis

Not IgE mediated (unclear mechanism)

Treatment is withdrawal of offending agent

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