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LDL equals?

LDL = Total cholesterol - HDL - triglycerides/5


Cut off for elevated cholesterol?



Who are high-risk patients for Coronary heart disease? Target LDL?

1. Atherosclerotic vascular disease (20% risk of coronary events in 10 years)
2. Diabetes

LDL goal <100


Who are "very high risk" patients for coronary heart disease? Goal LDL?

Patients with established coronary heart disease plus
a) multiple risk factors
b) poorly controlled risk factor
c) recent acute coronary event

LDL <70


Coronary heart disease risk factors?

1. Smoking
2. Hypertension (or patients on antihypertensives)
3. HDL 45 or women >55
5. Family history of premature coronary artery disease (men <65)


Strata for 10 year risk of cardiovascular events?

Low risk if <100


Primary versus secondary prevention?

Primary – decreasing risk in hypercholesterolemic patients without history of coronary heart disease

Secondary – reducing mortality in patients who have established cardiovascular disease


Ways to Prevent CHD?

1. Lifestyle modifications
2. If lifestyle modifications not enough: Statins


Statins: main therapeutic effects? Side effects? Monitoring?

Mainly lowers LDL (also lowers triglycerides and increases HDL); hepatic injury/myositis. Monitor LFTs and creatine kinase


Niacin: main therapeutic effects? Side effects? Address side effects by?

Mainly lowers triglycerides (lowers LDL and raises HDL). Flushing, tachycardia, Flushing relieved by aspirin


Bile acid resins: example? main therapeutic effects? Side effects?

Cholestyramine. Mainly lowers LDL (raises HDL). G.I. discomfort


Fibric acid derivatives: example? main therapeutic effects? Side effects? Monitoring?

Gemfibrozil. Mainly lowers triglycerides (increases HDL) gallstones and increased LFTs. Caution if used with statins


Healthy young adults with no history of vascular disease should have routine cholesterol screenings how often?

Every five years (Cholesterol levels do not change rapidly a lifetime)

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