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What do intigrins do,
What is the main function if pth,
What does pth act on
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Basic pharm
How long does a 1st order kinetic...,
What drugs do you avoid in elderl...,
What does first order kinetics mean
8  cards
When will you see gluten associat...,
Where will you see derm herpetifo...,
What mutation is likely causing e...
29  cards
Why is the wolf parkinson s triad,
What is it to have an accessory a...,
Common treatment for stable angina
45  cards
If you have a sibling with cf you...,
Cerebellar ataxia telangiectasia ...,
Genetics of ataxia telangiectasia
11  cards
How do you calculate renal blood ...,
Where do thiazides act,
Name an osomtoic diruetic and whe...
16  cards
This involves making excuses for ...,
Indivividual attributes unacaptab...,
Involves avoiding awareness of ex...
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General sciences
What does lead directly inhibit,
What is the function of il 10,
This helps package dna up tightly...
24  cards
Form 12 Learning
The telencephalon makes,
The diancepholon makes,
The mesencephalon makes
29  cards
Behavioral science
What characterizes a learning dis...,
What characterizes attention defi...,
This is an intrusive reexperienci...
34  cards
What csf markers are low in narco...,
What do you call being tired all ...,
Compare methadone to heroine
72  cards
What is a rouleuax formation,
Beta thal major labs,
What are the features of hairy ce...
21  cards
Symptoms of west nile,
What is the leading cause of meni...,
What is the second leading cause ...
81  cards
This process elimatates t cells t...,
Where does negative selection of ...,
This drug inhibits topoisonerase ...
93  cards
Reasons for tactile fremitus,
Competitively blocks muscarinic r...,
_____ and _____ release proteases...
6  cards
What usually causes endometrial h...,
What is the treatment for trichom...,
Where is ovarian blood supply
3  cards
Pathology (I guess?)
Is an ana specific for lupus,
Ok smart ass what is specific for...
2  cards
Sketchy Fungi and Parasite
What is a nematode,
What is a crestode,
What is a trematode
46  cards
What does a congo red stain show,
What does a giemsa stain show,
What does an india ink stain show
5  cards
U World Assesment 1
Recent trauma white looking lung ...,
What is the cause of ards,
What does dm nephropathy look like
46  cards
The individual subunits of hemagl...,
How do you treat cyanide poisoining,
What is methemoglobin
47  cards
Review Mis Mash
What is the most common cause of ...,
When is graft vs host usually seen,
After you hook up a new kidney wh...
34  cards
Key feature of dsm 5 personality ...,
Key feature of dsm 5 personality ...,
Key feature of dsm 5 personality ...
22  cards
Male infant protrudes through dee...,
Older med protrudes through hesse...,
Women content protrudes through f...
9  cards
_______ and _______ increase chol...,
If overdosed on may mortality via...,
Large dose of ______ will give a ...
7  cards
Infectious disease
Describes the mixing of genomic s...,
This is the uptake of forigen nak...,
This is when a host cell is coinf...
8  cards
Pharm Fun =/
18  cards
What is missing fabry,
What are the symptoms of fabry,
What is wrong what is an early si...
3  cards
Type 1 hypersensitivity,
Type 2 hypersensitivity,
Type 3 hypersensitivity
19  cards
This drug inhibits microtubules a...,
This is seen in down syndrome has...,
All stain
23  cards
Neuro 2
Excessive anxiety and preoccupati...,
No symptoms but constant concern ...,
Neurologic symptoms w o matching ...
53  cards
Random sauce who cares
1 recently sick 2 palpable purpur...,
How do you treat someone who over...,
What activates the extrinsic path...
39  cards
Immunology, Neuro, and Renal Day
What inervates the diaphragm,
What does the corticospinal tract...,
What nerve is injured in foot drop
59  cards
Neuro/Immune/MIS MASH!
What is the principal stabilizing...,
All volatile anesthesia increases...,
What are some important effects o...
60  cards
Neuro Never Ends
Describe the histology stuff of p...,
Describe the histology stuff glio...,
Describe the histology stuff medu...
55  cards
Uworld wants me to know this
What is another name for nf1,
This involves multiple menigomas ...,
Describe sturge weber
5  cards
Another random sauce who cares
Explain the weber test,
Explain the weber test in conduct...,
Explain the weber test in sensori...
19  cards
Why do I bother with names
This is one of the most common ca...,
85 of membranous glomerulopathy i...,
What is the treatment for radioac...
43  cards
Renal, but shit I got 99%
Hyperurcemia as a s e diruetics,
What drugs will decrease mortalit...,
What is at least 1 good reason to...
57  cards
does it never end!
What does floxacin mean,
What is cefuroxime,
What type of illness is serum sic...
20  cards
Cardio 2.0
What can left atrial enlargement ...,
What is middle meningeal artery a...,
What is most common cod 2 3 days ...
44  cards
Pulm 2.0
Lung camost common,
Lung cacentral necrosis and cavit...,
Lung caperipheral gynecomastia
48  cards
What makes hcm worse,
What is driving pressure for bloo...
2  cards
Prometric Practice
Megakaryocytes on biopsy,
Immune thrombocytopenia antibody,
Inhibition or deficiency of adamt...
61  cards
Just gotta keep it up
What does furosemide act on,
What does malignant hypertension ...,
What is dobutamine
37  cards
What takes pyruvate to the tca cycle,
If there is no oxygen what happen...,
If vessels r1 r2 and r3 are in pa...
59  cards
hooray.. theres more
What is raltegravir,
How does vancomycin work,
In atn when do you have fluid ove...
26  cards
What supplements are needed for e...,
What are some tummy troubles peop...,
What does ezetimibe do
62  cards
Morgan Wins at Biochem
What causes hemoglobin c,
What is the mutation seen in hbs,
What controls the balance between...
23  cards
Morgan can cram =)
How do you calculate the absolute...,
How do you calculate the nnt,
What prevents posterior displacem...
17  cards
1% I got you ;)
What is triple therapy for h pylori,
Where is the lesser omentum,
If you have acute mitral regurg w...
24  cards

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