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chiefly (adv)
SYN mostly
(adj) chief

(the chief reason)
* houses are made chiefly of wood products.
* corn is the chief crop of the midwest.


commonplace (adj)
SYN frequent

* in some parts of the world, text messaging is more commonplace than voice calling.
* female lawyers are commonplace in the United States.


comparatively (adv)
SYN approximately, to some extent, relatively
(adj) comparative
(v) compare
(n) comparison

* it was comparatively easy for him to learn baseball because he had been a cricket player.
* if you compare algebra and trigonometry, you will discover that algebra is less complex.


conventional (adj)
SYN traditional
(adv) conventionally
(n) convention

following accepted rules or standards.
* professor Canfield agreed with the conventional theory about the origin of the Basque language.
* to become integrated into a society, you must learn the conventions of that society.


curious (adj)
SYN peculiar
(adv) curiously
(n) curiosity

* a curious object was discovered in the remains.
* sally was curiously interested in the history of Alaska.


emit (v)
SYN release
(n) emissions, emitter,

* the raging forest fire emitted a dense, white smoke.
* modern telescope can detect the faintest light emitted by distant stars.


exceedingly (adv)
SYN extremely
(v) exceed
(n) excess
(adj) excessive

* in tropical zones, it's exceedingly hot and humid.
* it's not safe to exceed the speed limit.


exclusively (adv)
SYN restrictively
(adj) exclusive
(n) exclusion
(v) exclude

no one else, nothing else
* this room is used exclusively by the faculty.
* they excluded everyone under 21 from the contest.


immense (adj)
SYN massive
(adj) extremely large
(adv) immensely
(n) immensity

* from the mountaintop you can see the immense valley.
* she was immensely interested in the idea of teaching a foreign language.


rigid (adj)
SYN stiff
(adv) rigidly

not easy to bend
* the teacher was very rigid in his ideas about class attendance.
* he adhered rigidly to his opinion about marriage.


sufficiently (adv)
SYN adequate
(adj) sufficient
(v) suffice

* jenny is sufficiently mature to make her own decisions.
* her income is sufficient for her needs.