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dominant (adj)
SYN major
(adv) dominantly
(v) dominate

(dominant gene)
* the dominant life forms of the Paleozoic era lived in the water.
* the skyscraper dominated the skyline.


dormant (adj)
SYN inactive
(n) dormitory

(dormant volcano)
* the volcano had been dormant for hundreds of years before the eruption month.
* the seniors live in the new dormitory.


drab (adj)
SYN colorless
(n) drabness
(adv) drably

* their clothing was quite drab.
* the drabness of the desert made driving less interesting.


dramatic (adj)
SYN emotional
(v) dramatize
(adv) dramatically
(n) drama

* the dramatic finish to the game left us speechless.
* the hurricane dramatically changed the coastline.


elaborate (adj) (v)
SYN complex
(adv) elaborately
(n) elaboration

* an elaborate head dress
indicated rank within Aztec community.
* his elaboration of the issue was quite through.


exceptional (adj)
SYN phenomenal
(adv) exceptionally

* the orchestra's performance was exceptional.
* the North Star is exceptionally bright.


hazardous = precarious = perilous (adj)
SYN dangerous
(n) hazard
(adv) hazardously

* handling flammable liquids is hazardous.
* there are many hazards involved with starting a business.


minuscule (adj)
SYN tiny
(adj) minute
(n) minutia

* the sale of the building had a minuscule effect on the profits of the corporation.
* some leaves are covered with minute hairs.


prime,primed (adj)
SYN prepare
(n) prime

* the directors primed the actors before the performance.
* Mozart passed away in the prime of his life.


rudimentary (adj)
SYN basic
(n) rudiment

* he has a rudimentary knowledge of computers.
* the rudiments of grammar are taught in all English classes.


superficial (adj)
SYN shallow , relationship
(adv) superficially

(superficial relationship)
* the inspector determined that the crack in the bridge was only superficial.
* you should not try to answer the questions superficially.


vigorous (adj)
SYN strong
(adv) vigorously
(n) vigor

* his vigorous defense of the issues impressed everyone.
* he approached his work with vigor.


distinct (adj)
SYN define
(adv) distinctly
(n) distinction

* there was a distinct aroma of coffee in the restaurant.
* the two theories are distinctly different from each other.