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foster (v)
SYN stimulate

(foster habit) پرورش دادن، باعث شدن
* the industrial revolution fostered the rise of the middle class.
* parents usually foster the development of good habits in their children.


gain (v)
SYN attain
(adj) gainful
(n) gain

(gain experience)
* he gained a lot of experience working as a volunteer.
* he gain in knowledge was impressive.


halt (v)
SYN stop
(adj) halting
(adv) haltingly

* bus service to the city was halted due to poor road conditions.
* the supervisor put a halt to the tardiness of the employees.


SYN shelter

(harbor a terrorist)
* he harbors ill feelings for her.
* they harbored the political refugee in their home.


insignificant (adj)
SYN meaningless
(adv) insignificantly
(n) insignificance

* the amount of rainfall this summer has been insignificant.
* the insignificance of his comment become apparent with the passing of time.


mysterious (adj)
(adv) mysteriously
(n) mystery

(mysterious neighbors)
* he had a mysterious effect on everyone who heard him speak.
* the man's disappearance was a mystery.


perilous (adj)
SYN dangerous
(n) peril
(adv) perilously

* it's perilous to exceed speed limit.
* there are ample perils in the sport of mountain climbing.


promote (ver)
SYN boost
(n) promoter, promotion

(I need a job promotion, promote tourism)
* many nations promote tourism to lure foreign currency.
* the customers responded favorably to the half-price promotion.


redundant (adj)
SYN repetitious
(n) redundancy
(adj) redundantly

(I was redundant)
* students who ask teachers to "repeat that again" are being redundant because "repeat" means "again".
* Lush, redundant vegetation is common in tropical climates.


substantial (adj)
SYN significant
(adj) substantive
(adv) substantially

(play substantial role, substantial achievements)
* the discovery of a vaccine for smallpox was a substantial medical achievement.
* this substantive article will change your opinion of rock music.


trait (n)
SYN characteristic

(personality trait)
* her scene of humor and cheerful personality are some of her most impressive traits.
* Alma's blonde hair is a trait inherited from her father.


durable (adj)
SYN sturdy
(n) durability
(n) duration

(sturdy shoes)
* it was a durable refrigerator, but it finally broke.
* the durability of tires is a key factor in determining their quality.