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contaminated (adj)
SYN polluted
(v) contaminate
(n) contamination

* this contaminated water supply must be closed off to the public.
* bacteria and insects are frequently ragents of food contamination.


discernible (adj)
SYN detectable
(v) discern
(adv) discernibly
(n) discernment

* a feeling of anxiety was discernible among the members of the team.
* the new student was unable to discern the humor of the teacher's joke.


flourishing (adj)
SYN thriving
(v) flourish

(small businesses are flourishing and the economy is booming)
* small flourishing companies would be harmed by an increase in the minimum wage.
* a young mind will flourish with the proper guidance.


mediocre (adj)
SYN average
(n) mediocrity

* this is a mediocre research report.
* the mediocrity of his work was disappointing.


negligible (adj)
SYN insignificant
(v) neglect
(adj) neglected, negligent,neglectful
(n) negligence, neglect
(adv) negligibly

* the amount of bacteria in the culture was negligible.
* his negligence caused him to lose all of the work he had done on the computer.


parallel (adj)
SYN similar
(v) parallel

* there were many parallels between his life and mine.
* her background parallels mine.


peculiar (adj)
SYN strange
(adv) peculiarly
(n) peculiarity

* this plastic has a peculiar texture.
* the puffin has many peculiarities not shared by other birds.


potent (adj)
SYN powerful

* he gave a potent speech at the convention.
* the venom of the coral snake is extremely potent.


scattered (adj)
SYN dispersed
(v) scatter

* hurricane Andrew left debris scattered throughout Miami.
* the crowd scattered when it began to rain heavily.


somewhat (adj)
SYN slight

* they feel somewhat tired after the mile run.
* buying food at a convenience store can be somewhat expensive.


stem from (ph.v)
SYN originate

* the author's talent in writing stem from his love of reading books.
* many opportunities have stemmed from his decision to attend the university.


tedious (adj)
SYN monotonous
(adv) tediously
(n) tedium

* the tedious lecture bored most of the audience.
* some people become frustrated by the tedium of daily living.


affordable (adj)
SYN economical
(adv) affordably
(v) afford

* the new dictionary is quite affordable.
* he could afford the house because of current low interest rates.