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confidential (adj)
SYN secret
(adv) confidentially
(n) confident
(v) confide

* we were told that the information is strictly confidential.
* she confided to me that she had always wanted to be a movie star.


delighted (adj)
SYN elated
(n) delight
(adv) delightfully
(adj) delightful

(I was delighted to get you E-mail)
* he was delighted with the results of the experiment.
* it was a delightful afternoon.


discreetly (adv)
SYN cautiously
(adj) discreet

* the teacher discreetly told the parents about their child 's inappropriate behavior.
you can count on me to be discreet.


documented (adj)
SYN proven
(n) documentation
(v) document

* he had documented proof that the bank had made an error
* the car's documentation was in order.


evoke (v)
SYN remind

(evoke memories)
* hearing her favorite song evoked fond memories for her high school years.
* most sounds evoke hints of time and place.


gradually (adv)
SYN steadily
(adj) gradual

* the bay has gradually deteriorated over the years.
* there has been a gradual change in the climate over the past decade.


impartial (adj)

* teachers must be known for their impartiality.
* judges ate know for their impartiality.


inordinate (adj)
SYN excessive
(adv) inordinately

(an inordinate amount of countable (n)
an inordinate amount of uncountable (n) )
* the airlines had to cancel an inordinate number of flights due to the fog.
* there was an inordinately large number of whales off the coast.


instantly (adv)
SYN immediately
(adj) instant, instantaneous
(n) instant

* the computer finished the job instantly.
* it had happened in an instant.


intentionally (adv)
SYN deliberately
(n) intent

* the machine was left on intentionally.
* her action was an indication of her good intentions.


intrinsic (adj)
SYN inherent
(adv) intrinsically

* a penny has little intrinsic value.
* the forests of the northwest are intrinsically rich in natural resources.


nominal (adj)
SYN moderate
(adv) nominally

(nominal effects), (nominally successful)
* the office building was sold at a nominal price.
* she was nominally successful as an actress.


presumably (adv)
SYN supposedly
(v) presume
(n) presumption

* the ild wreck was presumably located to the southwest of Florida.
* I presume that you have been camping before.


agitate (v)
SYN disturb
(n) agitation,agitator

* the fact that she had not arrived by midnight agitated her parents.
* he was known as political agitator.