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advantage (n)
SYN benefit
(adv) advantageously
(adv) advantageous

*Is there any advantage in arriving early?
*he was advantageously born into a rich family.


advent (n)
SYN arrival, Emergence.

(With the advent of Internet,computer,technology)
*with the advent of computers, many tasks have been made easier.
*The newspapers announced the advent of the concert season.


albeit (conj)
SYN although

*his trip was successful, albeit tiring.
*albeit difficult at times, speaking another language is rewarding.


appealing (adj)
SYN charming, alluring

(Sex appealing)
*working abroad is appealing to many people.
*through his speeches, the candidate appealed to the voters.


Celebrated (adj)
SYN renowned

*the celebrated pianists will be giving a concert this weekend.
*san Fransisco is celebrated for its multicultural makeup.


Contemporary (adj)
SYN current
(n) Contemporary

(Contemporary life, art, artist, writer)
modern, up to date
*contemporary architecture makes very good use of space.
* Cervantes was a contemporary of Shakespeare.


Distribute (v)
SYN Dispense

*many publishers distribute their newspaper directly to homes in their area.
*the distribution of seeds is very quick with this new machines.


encourage (v)
SYN stimulate
(n) encouragement, encourager
(adj) encouraging
(adv) encouragingly

to promote, help or support
*the government cut taxes in order to encourage spending.
*the professor gave each student of the encouragement that was needed to learn the material.


Frail (adj)
SYN weak, fragile
(n) frailty

*the frail wings of the newborn bird could not lift it off the guard.
*since, one of the frailties of human is laziness, women are unwilling to work.


myth (n)
SYN legend
(adj) mythological
(n) mythology

*throughout history myths were created in an attempt to explain many common natural occurrences.
*mythology is the study of legends and fables.


refine (v)
(n) refinement
(adj) refined

*factories must refine oil before it can be used as fuel.
*a squirt of lime juice is the perfect refinement to cola.


worthwhile (adj)
SYN rewarding

*it was worthwhile waiting ten hours line for the tickets.
* it's worthwhile to prepare for the TOEFL.