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coherent (adj)
SYN logical
(n) coherence , cohesion
(adj) cohesive

* it was a well-balanced, coherent presentation.
* there was a cohesive feeling among the new workers.


evolve (v)
SYN develop
(n) evolution

(business needs to evolve swiftly) (animal evolve)
* the management team's idea evolved over a period of two years.
* the country's hopes for a rapid evolution of its economy depend on approval of free trade agreements.


generic (adj)
SYN general
(adv) generically

* bird is the generic term used to describe animals with feathers.
* universities provide students with the generic skills needed to compete in the workplace.


SYN research, survey, probe
(v) investigate
(adj) investigative
(n) investigator

* the comprehensive investigation of the bank revealed no illegal activity.
* some members of the Senate wanted to appoint a special investigator.


notion (n)
SYN concept

(she has the notion that)
* she has the notion that she wants to become an architect.
* some outlandish notions about the origin of the solar system have been disapproved.


novel (adj)
SYN original

* the physicists had some novel ideas
* *the physicists had some novel ideas about traveling at the speed of light.


nurture (v) (n)
SYN cultivate
(adj) nurturing

* the owner of the vineyard carefully nurtures the grapevines v
* that school is well known for having a nurturing a learning environment.


SYN object

* her unbiased analysis of the problem allowed her to find the solution more rapidly.
* here is unbiased proof that nitrogen exists in this compound.


varied (adj)
SYN diverse
(n) variant,variation, vary, variety, variability
(adv) variably
(adj) variable

* the class expressed varied opinions about the movie.
* there are various ways to solve the problem.


antiquated (adj)
SYN old-fashioned
(n) antique

* this antiquated machinery breaks down too frequently.
* their home is filled with antique furniture.