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alter (v)
SYN modify
alterable (adj)
alteration (n)
alterably (adv)

(nothing can alter the fact that...)
*will the storm alter its course and miss the coast?
*Gloria hasn't altered her plans to return to the school.


analyze (v)
SYN examine
(n) analysis

*Sientists must analyze problems thoroughly.
*analysis of the substance confirms the presence of nitrogen.


ancient (adj)
SYN traditional

*Archeologists analyze ancient civilizations.
*Dave found an ancient civilization.


annoying (adj)
SYN bothersome
(n) annoyance
(adv) annoyingly
annoy (v)

*Mosquitozs can be an annoying part of a vacation at the beach.
*She annoyed her parents by coming home late.


anticipate (v)
SYN predict
(adj) anticipatory
(n) anticipation

*no one can anticipate the results of the game.
*they planned their vacation with anticipation


ascertain (v)
SYN determine
(n) ascertainment
(adj) ascertainable
(adv) ascertainably

to discover find out
*I try to ascertain if he was telling the truth.
*the jury made a decision based on its ascertainment of the facts


Conform (v)
SYN adapt
(n) conformity, conformist.

to follow established rules or patterns of behavior.
*you must conform to the rules or leave the club.
*she has always been a conformist.


enrich (v)
SYN enhance
(n) enrichment
(Adj) enriching

(The fine arts enrich our lives)
*the discovery of oil was an enrichment for the country


intensify (v)
SYN heighten
(adj) intensive, intense
(adv) intensely

to make stronger in feeling or quality.
* the importance of the test will sometimes intensity the nervousness of the students.
* the chess match was played with great intensity.


intolerable (adj)
SYN unbearable
(Adv) intolerantly, intolerably
(Adj) intolerant

(Suffer from intolerable condition)
* any opposition to the rules is intolerable.
* his boss was intolerant of his tardiness.


ongoing (adj)
SYN current

(ongoing program)
* the tutoring project is an ongoing program of the school.
* maintaining is an ongoing job.


Potential (n) (adj)
SYN possibility
(Adv) potentially

* the medical students have shown great potential to become doctors.
* small spice heaters are a potential fire hazard.


propose (v)
SYN suggest
(n) proposal, proposition
(Adj) proposed

* the governor is going to propose new taxes.
* her proposal was well accepted.


restore (v)
SYN revitalize
(Adj) restored

* he restored my confidence in him.
* it's beautiful restoration of the old table.


turbulent (adj)
SYN chaotic
(n) turbulence
(Adv) turbulently

(Turbulent period)
* the plane flew though an area of turbulence.
* the turbulent crowd insisted on a meeting with the prime minister.


vital (adj)
SYN indispensable
(n) vitality
(Adv) vitally

(Indispensable right),
(indisputable right)
* his intense vitality was easily observable.