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convince (v)
SYN persuade
(adv) convincingly
(adj) convincing

* they could not convince the girls to go to the dance with them.
* the video made a convincing argument for the recycling of paper and plastic materials.


endure (v)
SYN persevere
(n) endurance
(adj) endurable , enduring

* how he is able to endure living next to the airport is beyond my comprehension.
* the endurance displayed by the athlete gave evidence of his rigorous training.


forfeit (v) (n)
SYN relinquish

* usually you must forfeit your native country's citizenship to become a citizen of another country.
* the forfeit occurred because not enough players showed up.


precarious (adj)
SYN hazardous
(adv) precariously

* the diver put himself in a precarious situation among the sharks.
* the cup was positioned precariously on the edge of the table.


sporadic (adj)
SYN erratic
(adv) sporadically

* the radio communications were subject to sporadic sunspot interference.
* violent storms occur sporadically in the southern .


superior (adj)
SYN exceptional
(n) superiority

* this is a superior fossil of a trilobite.
* the restaurant 's superiority was established shortly after it opened.


truncate (v)
SYN cut

* the television program was truncated because the soccer match went into extra time.
* the publisher of the newspaper asked the writer to truncate her report.


wanton (adj)
SYN senseless
(adv) wantonly

(wanton disregard of the rules)
* her wanton disregard of the rules was unexplainable.
* the jealous man was wantonly impolite to the winner.


widespread (adj)
SYN extensive

(there is a widespread belief)
* there is a widespread rumor that there will be no class next Thursday.
* the political influence of the developed countries of the world is widespread.


wisdom (n)
SYN insight
(adj) wise
(adv) wisely

* It's often said that wisdom is the product of experience.
* It was a wise decision for you to buy a car.


witticism (n)
SYN humor
(n) wittiness,wit
(adj) witty
(adv) wittily

* his witticisms captivated the audience.
* Mark Twain was famous for his sharp wit.


woo (v)
SYN attract

* the directors tried to woo the support of the union.
* the opponents of the proposed highway wooed nearby residents to defend their position.


charisma (n)
SYN appeal
(adj) charismatic

* she has a charisma that no other candidate possesses.
* J.F.K was known for his charismatic personality.