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bring about (ph.ver)
SYN generate

* the investigation of the cell phones brought about an end to the popularity of traditional telephones.
* the newly elected president of the club promised to bring about positive changes.


enlighten (v)
(n) enlightenment
(adj) enlightened
SYN instruct

* the speaker enlightened the audience on how to different ways of thinking.
* books often enlighten readers to different ways of thinking.


hasten (v)
SYN accelerate
(n) hastiness
(adj) hasty

* after notifying the driver's family of the accident, the officer hastened to add that their son had not been hurt.
* you should not make important decisions hastily.


hue (n)
SYN color

* the hue of the sunset was beautiful.
* the hue of the room gave it a warm feeling.


intricate (adj)
SYN complex
(n) intricacy
(adv) intricately

(intricacies of the modern technology)
* the intricate design of the vase made it a valuable piece for her collection.
* I cannot begin to understand all of the intricacies of modern automobile motors.


magnitude (n)
SYN dimension
(n) magnification
(v) magnify
(adj) magnificent

* the magnitude of shock waves determines the damage that occurs during an earthquake.
* the investigation of the telephone was a magnificent achievement for mankind.


oblige (v)
SYN require
(adj) obligatory, obliging
(n) obligation
(adv) obligingly

* she obliged her friend to choose a new lab partner.
* payment of the student activity fee was obligatory.


overlook (v)
SYN disregard
(adj) overlooked

* scientists must not overlook any aspect of experimental procedure.
* the overlooked error raised his score on the test .


poll (n)
SYN survey
(n) pollster, polling

* the poll indicated that conversation of the environment was the number one issue with college students.
* the pollster asked the question in a nonpartisan manner.


predominant (adj)
SYN principal
(n) predominance
(v) predominate

(the most noticeable or powerful element)
* the predominant export of the Middle East is petroleum.
* many cities in the southwest are predominantly Hispanic.


prompt (v)
SYN induce
(adv) promptly
(n) promptness

* his emotional plea prompted the director to give him a second chance.
* promptness is an important factor in many societies.


provoke (v)
SYN trigger
(adj) provocative
(n) provocation

* the installation of speed cameras provoked an angry response from the public.
* the manager did not deliberately provoke the argument among his workers.


archaic (adj)
SYN ancient

* the archaic methods of farming must be brought up to date.
* his speech was full of archaic expression.