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baffle (v)
SYN puzzle
(adj) baffling
(n) bafflement

(baffling question)
* the cause of many harmful diseases have baffled doctors for centuries


bear (v)
SYN yield
(adj) bearable
(adv) bearably

* the orchard bears many fine harvests of Apples.
* although stock prices declined, losses have been bearable for most investors.


brilliant (adj)
SYN radiant
(adv) brilliantly
(n) brilliance

* Einstein was a brilliant thinker.
* she brilliantly produced a solution to the problem.


caution (v)
SYN warn
(adj) cautious
(adv) cautiously
(n) caution

* the officer cautioned the motorist to slow down.
* they entered into the negotiations cautiously.


delicate (adj)
SYN fragile
(adv) delicately

(delicate issue)
* because of its controversial nature, it was a challenge to discuss such a delicate issue in public.
* you must handle the antique delicately.


enhance (v)
SYN strength
(n) enhancement
(adj) enhanced

(delicate issue)
* passing the exam should enhance your chances of being admitted to college.
* the computer enhanced our productivity.


incessant (adj)
(adv) incessantly
SYN constant

* the woman's incessant talking disturbed everyone watching the movie.
* the dogs' incessant barking kept the whole neighborhood up all night.


in conjunction with
SYN along with

* exercise, in conjunction with a nourishing diet, contributes to a healthy lifestyle.
* the architects planned the building in conjunction with the engineers.


intrigue (v)
SYN fascinate
(n) intrigue

* he was intrigued by the acclaim that he received.
* the intriguing question baffled historians.


obstruct (v)
SYN block, hurdle
(adv) obstructively

* just after the storm, downed trees obstructed many roads in the community.
* a huge building obstructed the ocean view from the apartment.


persuade (v)
SYN convince
OPP dissuade
(adv) persuasively
(adj) persuasive
(n) persuasion

* they couldn't persuade their critics to see their point of view.
* john presented a persuasive argument for his salary increase.


shed (v)
SYN discard

* in order to grow, crabs must shed their shells.
* the experiments shed no new information on the cause of the disease.


unique (adj)
SYN rare
(adv) uniquely
(n) uniqueness

* he was presented with a unique opportunity to attend the conference.
* his style of writing is uniquely his own.


well-suited (adj)
SYN compatible

* the design of the house is well-suited to its surroundings.
* the experienced principle was well-suited for the job of superintendent of schools.