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ambiguous (adj)
SYN vague
(n) ambiguity

*The man received an ambiguous message from their boss.
*His letter was full of ambiguities.


arbitrary (adj)
SYN haphazardly
(adv) arbitrarily
(n) arbitrariness

*Her choice of clothing seemed arbitrary.
*The teacher arbitrarily decided to give the class a test.


assert (v)
SYN declare
(n) assertiveness, assertion
(Adj) assertive

to express or defend oneself strongly.
* the government asserted its control over the banking system.
* the company president is an assertive individual.


astounding (adj)
SYN astonishing
(Adv) astoundingly

(achieve astonishing successes)
* the scientists made an astounding discovery.
* the fans were astounded by their team's success.


astute (adj)
SYN perceptive
(Adv) astutely
(n) astuteness

Very intelligent, smart
(astute and brilliant student, people)
* he was an astute worker, finishing in half the time it took the others to finish.
* the astutely determined that there would be no chance to finish on time.


concur (v)
SYN agree
(n) concurrence

(concur with)
* the director concurred with the conclusion of the committee's report.
* do you concur with the details of the business plan?


deceptively (adv)
SYN misleadingly
(Adj) deceptive
(n) deception
(V) deceive

* the magician deceptively made the rabbit disappear.
* richard deceived Joe about the cost of the coat.


determined (adj)
SYN resolute
(n) determination
(v) determine

(be determined to)
* they were determined to go to graduate school.
* the judge determined that the man was lying.


elicit (v)
SYN extract
(n) elicitation

(elicitation of the truth can be difficult at times)
* a lawyer will elicit all the facts or idea


resilient (adj)
SYN tenacious
(n) resilience
(adv) resiliently

(resilient personality)
* she hasn't a resilient personality.
* the doctor was surprised by his patient's resilience.


tempt (v)
SYN entice
(adv) temptingly
(adj) tempting
(n) temptation

(temptation in my hear)
* the idea of getting rich quickly tempted him to invest his life savings.
* desserts are more tempting when one is on a diet.