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SYN obliged
(adj) compelling
(adv) compellingly

* the representative were compelled to vote in favor of the legislation despite their personal opposition to it.
* the lawyer's plea was made in a compelling manner.


compile (v)
SYN assemble
(n) compilation

* the film club asked each of its members to compile a list of his or her favorite movies.
* the book is a compilation of Shakespeare's plays.


formidable (adj)
SYN overwhelming
(adv) formidably

(formidable task-job)
* the formidable opponent gave no sign of weakness.
* the man's voice echoed formidably throughout the hallway.


intrusive (adj)
SYN annoying
(v) intrude
(n) intrusion , intruder
(adv) intrusively

* the intrusive bacteria caused his condition to worsen.
* the intrusion of the hazardous gas made it difficult to live in the house.


prone (adj)
SYN inclined to

* most liquids are prone to contract when frozen.
* she is pone to study hard the night before her tests.


prophetic (adj)
SYN predictive
(v) prophesy
(n) prophecy, prophet

* his prophetic powers were investigated by a team of psychologists.
* the brilliant student fulfilled his teacher's prophecy that he would be a successful doctor.


proportions (n)
SYN dimension
(adj) proportionate, proportional
(adv) proportionally , proportionately

* the goal of establishing a space station will take a team effort of major proportions.
* the pilot's salary is proportional to that of pilots of other airlines.


readily (adv)
SYN freely
(adj) ready
(n) readiness
(v) ready

* the workers readily complained about the food in the cafeteria.
* her readiness to cooperate was an important factor in the investigation.


reliably (adv)
SYN dependably
(adj) reliant, reliable
(n) reliability, reliance

* an appliance must perform its task reliably to be popular with consumers.
* satellite photos show the smallest details with great reliability.


reluctantly (adv)
SYN hesitatingly
(adj) reluctant
(n) reluctance

* although not completely satisfied with the contract, the officials reluctantly agreed to sign it.
* the electrician was reluctant to estimate the cost of the repair work.


revive (v)
SYN renew
(n) revival
(adj) revived

* the students revived the old tradition of having a homecoming dance.
* old plays are sometimes revived by applying modern interpretation of their content.


triumph (n)
SYN achievement
(adj) triumphal, triumphant
(adv) triumphantly
(v) triumph

* his career was characterized by one triumph after another.
* he triumphed over all of his difficulties.


analogous (adj)
SYN similar to

* the action of light waves is analogous to the action of sound waves.
* the analogy of between the behavior of the bacteria in the lab and in the human boy is not clear.