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amusement (n)
SYN diversion
(adv) amusingly
(v) amuse
(adj) amusing

* we listened in amusement as he tried to convince his friend to lend him 50$.
* his amusing comment made everyone laugh.


conceivably (adv)
SYN feasibly- possibly
(v) conceive

(It is conceivable that)
* they could conceivably earn first place with their science project.
* It is conceivable that humans will travel to distant planets one day.


convert (v)
SYN alter
(n) conversation

* when boiled, liquids convert into gases.
* the conversation from fahrenheit to centigrade can be easily made.


curative (adj)
SYN healing

* the curative properties of certain plants have been well documented.
* there is no simple cure for the ills of society.


debilitating (adj)
SYN weakening
(v) debilitate
(n) debility

(debilitating effects)
* the lack of investment saving has a debilitating effect on the economy.
* the patient's debility limited his mobility.


deplete (v)
SYN consume - use up

(depleted all for her savings)
* she depleted all her savings to buy the word processor.
* the depletion of the Ozone layer has debilitating effects on the world.


finite (adj)
SYN limited

* there are a finite number of explanations for the unusual results.
* is there a finite number of stars in the universe.


perceive (v)
SYN observe
(adj) perceptive, perceivable
(n) perception
(adv) perceptibly, perceptively

* we perceive major differences between the two political parties.
* Porpoises are very perceptive mammals.


take on (v)
SYN undertake

* certain programs take on the task of protecting a computer from harmful internet viruses.
* the athlete enjoys taking on new fitness challenges.


toxic (adj)
SYN poisonous

* disposal of toxic wastes is an ongoing environmental issue.
* * this product has the highest toxicity of any known to science.


tranquility (n)
SYN peacefulness
(v) tranquilize
(adv) tranquilly
(adj) tranquil

* the tranquility of the lake at sunrise inspired a profound sense of well-being.
* his tranquil manner of expression made us all feel more secure.


trap (v)
SYN retain
(n) trap
(adj) trapped

* I was trapped into paying for the meal.
* the trapped animals were released after being tagged by the wildlife conservationists.


undeniably (adv)
SYN absolutely
undeniable (adj)

* of all the planets in our solar system, the earth is undeniably the most conductive to supporting life.
* it is undeniable that he has skill, but he needs to show more initiative.


underestimated (adj)
SYN miscalculated

* the underestimated demand for tickets made the theatre manager plan better for the next performance.
* the treasurer underestimated the cost of the new furniture.


aggravating (adj)
SYN irritating
(n) aggravation
(v) aggravate

aggravate (the situation, crisis)
* the aggravating delay was caused by road repairs.
* the shortage of the work aggravated the crisis in the small town.