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arid (adj)
SYN dry

* the area known as the Sahra Desert is one of the most arid places in the world.
* the valley on the leeward side of the mountain was extremely arid.


avert (v)
SYN prevent
(adj) avertable
(n) aversion

* she could have averted the accident if she had not been texting while driving.
* the citizens packed sandbags along the river bank to avert the flooding of their streets.


ample (adj) = adequate
SYN sufficient
(adv) amply

* there is ample evidence that the young man was speeding when the accident occurred.
* she was amply paid for the work she completed.


defy (v)
SYN resist
(adv) defyingly
(adj) defying

(defy the laws)
* I defy you to find that book in the library's collection.
* the circus performer demonstrated his death-defying routine.


diligent (adj)
SYN conscientious
(adv) diligently
(n) diligence

* Stephanie displayed great diligence in the completion of her assignments.
* the diligent worker received recognition for his accomplishments.


enact (v)
SYN to pass a law , legislate
(n) enactment
(adj) enacted

* congress enacted the legislation during its last session.
* the enactment of the laws was in the hands of the Senate.


feign (v)
SYN simulate
(adj) feigned

* she feigned illness when it was time to visit the dentist.
* the athlete feigned his injury.


fertile (adj)
SYN rich
(n) fertility, fertilizer
(v) fertilize

(fertile mind, fertile brain, fertile imagination)
* the delta areas of rivers are known for their fertile soil.
* fertilizer are used on crops to increase yields.


freshly (adv)
SYN recently
(v) freshen
(n) freshness

* freshly harvested produce is hard to find in the winter months.
* the product's freshness depends on an efficient transportation system to bring it to market.


indiscriminate (adj)
(adv) indiscriminately

* the indiscriminate arrangement of the product made the store confusing.
* the book's chapters seem to be organized indiscriminately.


pinpoint (v) (adj)
SYN locate

* the engineers were immediately able to pinpoint the problem with the bridge.
* the news advanced thermometer measure the temperature with pinpoint accuracy.


spacious (adj)
SYN expansive
(n) spaciousness , space
(adv) spaciously

* the spacious plains of the midwest make up the nation's breadbasket.
* a vacuum is an empty space.


withstand (v)
SYN survive

* she cannot withstand the pressure of her job.
* the old building withstood the terrible storm