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broaden (v)
SYN enlarge
(adv) broadly
(adj) broad
(n) breadth

(broaden your opportunities)
* education will broaden your opportunities to land a good job.
* the breadth of his knowledge is impressive.


burgeon (v)
SYN thrive
(adj) burgeoning

(with the burgeoning population of major cities)
* the burgeoning population of major cities is creating a demand for more services.
* his talent as a pianist burgeoned at the age of 14.


conspicuously (adv)
SYN noticeable
(adj) conspicuous
(n) noticiably

* his name was conspicuously absent from the list of winners.
* the attorneys were conspicuous for their aggravated manner in the courtroom.


endorse (v)
SYN support
(n) endorsement

* the union endorsed the new contract.
* the president's endorsement of the project guaranteed its funding.


enormous (adj)
SYN tremendous
(adv) tremendously, enormously
(n) enormity

(benefit tremendously from)
* his enormous wealth allows him to contribute to many charities.
* a diet with many fruits and vegetables is enormously beneficial to the body.


entirely = totally (adv)
SYN throughly
(n) entirety

* the economist was entirely right in his analysis.
* the president released the speech in its entirety before the news conference.


erode (v)
SYN deteriorate
(n) erosion

* the senator's support is eroding because of his unpopular position on the major issues.
* It took millions of years of erosion for nature to form The Grand Canyon.


evaporate (v)
SYN disappear

* the chance of the two sides reaching an aggressive have evaporated.
* the evaporation of the funds was unexplainable.


noteworthy (adj)
SYN remarkable
(n) noteworthiness

* the university has a noteworthy collection of ancient texts.
* there was a noteworthy increase in the amount of money the school raised.


reportedly (adv)
(adj) reported
(v) report

* the students reportedly sent a representative, but she has not yet arrived.
* the reported tornado has not been confirmed.


susceptible (adj)
SYN vulnerable
(n) susceptibleness
(adv) susceptibly

* when traveling in tropical climates , travelers are susceptible to malaria.
* adolescence are especially susceptible to the influence of their friends.


blind (v)
SYN unaware
(n) blindness

* they were blind to the fact that they had little chance to succeed.
* he went into the job blindly, with no previous experience.