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classify (v)
SYN arrange
(n) classification
(adj) classified

* biologists classify life forms into many phyllo.
* the library's catalog is a classification of books in the library.


deep (adj)
SYN through # shallow
(adv) deeply
(n) depth

* lake Baykal is the deepest lake in the world.
* the depth of his understanding of math is remarkable.


dense (adj)
(adv) densely
(n) density

* the boating accident was caused by the dense fog.
* Hong kong is one of the most densely populated cities in the world.


dim (adj) (v)
SYN faint
(n) dimness
(adv) dimly

* the light was too dim for studying.
* the stars dimly lit the evening sky.


gigantic (adj)
SYN enormous

* reaching the moon was a gigantic step in space exploration for mankind.
* new methods of farming offer gigantic advantages over the old methods.


impressive (adj)
SYN imposing
(v) impress
(adv) impressively
(n) impression

* Lincoln's power of persuasion was impressive.
* everyone left with a good impression of the play.


lasting (adj)
SYN enduring
(v) last

forever, without end.
* Kennedy left a lasting impression on the people who heard his inaugural address.
* the introduction of robots will have a lasting effect on industry.


straightforward (adj) = easy
SYN uncomplicated
(adv) straightforwardly
(n) straightforwardness

* the assembly directions were straightforward.
* the straightforward approach to his business dealings earned him respect.


vibrant (adj)
SYN brilliant
(n) vibrance
(adv) vibrantly

* his vibrant personality made him well liked by everyone.
* the vibrance of the city is attractive to many individuals.


accurate (adj)
SYN precise
(adv) accurately
(n) accuracy

* she was able to make accurate observations with the new telescope.
* experiments must be conducted with accuracy.