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attribute (n)
SYN characteristic
(adj) attributable

* his ability to work on a team is one of his outstanding attributes
* the forest fire was attributed to careless campers who abandoned a live campfire.


clarify (v)
SYN explains
(n) clarification

* chapter 2 in the textbook clarifies the process of osmosis.
* a clarification of the government's position on this matter is necessary.


conceal (v)
SYN hide

* the students concealed their feelings about the course.
* his concealment of the evidence made his case more difficult to prove.


confirm (v)
SYN prove
(adj) confirmed
(n) conformation

* the director confirmed that the meeting would be on the tenth.
* we have just received conformation of your reservation on the flight to Los Angeles.


convenient (adj)
(adv) conveniently
(n) convenience

* the investigator suspected that the disappearance of the evidence was too convenient to be accidental.
* for the convenience of the student body, the library is located in a central location.


core (adj) (n)
SYN chief

* the core curriculum consists of courses that are required of all students.
* they are loyal to the core.


critical (adj)
(adv) critically
(n) critic, criticism
(v) critique

* it is critical to follow the directions for the experiment exactly as the instructor indicates.
* the runner accepted criticism from his coach very well.


distort (v)
SYN deform
(adj) distorted
(n) distortion

* time and space are distorted when traveling at the speed of light.
* distortion of the image from a microscope can be caused by low light.


diverse (adj)
SYN different
diversity (n)
diversify (v)

* Freud had many diverse interests in psychology.
* the diversity of life forms on the earth makes zoology an interesting area of study.


eventually (adv)
SYN finally

* a good education will eventually pay big dividends.
* eventually the couple will pay off their mortgage and own their home.


prosperous (adj)
SYN thriving
(n) prosperity
(v) prosper
(adv) prosperously

(economic prosperity)
* in the early 1900s, San Fransisco was a prosperous city.
* Bacteria prosper under the proper conditions.


purposefully (adv) purposely
SYN deliberately
(n) purpose
(adj) purposeful

* the course syllabus was designed purposefully to be easy to follow.
* he was authorized to spend the money for business purposes.


reveal (v)
SYN disclose
(n) revelation
(adv) revealingly
(adj) revealing

(reveal a secret, an identity, a truth)
* the president revealed some of his ideas before he gave his speech.
* the report made some revelations about the nature of the conflict.


scarcely (adv)
SYN hardly
(adj) scare
(n) scarcity

* the woman scarcely spoke a word of English.
* due to a scarcity of water, a rationing plan was established


SYN hypothetically
(v) theorize
(n) theory

* his argument was theoretically appealing, but not realistic.
* Leonardo da Vinci theorized that the earth was not the center of the universe.