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abroad (adv)
SYN overseas

(Living abroad)
In or to a foreign country.
*loius Armstrong often traveled abroad.
*living abroad can be an educational experience.


abrupt (adj)
SYN sudden
(adv) abruptly
(n) abruptness

(Abrupt change in the weather, decision)
Sudden, unexpected
*There was an abrupt change in the weather.
*After the incident everyone left abruptly.


Acceptable (adj)
SYN permissible
(n) acceptability
(adv) acceptably
(adj) accepting

Good enough to be used for a particular purpose or to be considered satisfactory.
*The idea was acceptable to everyone.
*The registrar accepted more applications than he should have.


acclaim (v)
SYN praise
(adj) acclaimed
(n) acclamation

Enthusiastic approval, applause, to praise someone or something publicly.
*Isaac Stern has won acclaim abroad.
*Acclaimed authors often win Pultizer prizes.


actually (adv)
SYN truly
(adj) actual

Being in existence, real or factual.
*They were actually very good soccer player.
*The actual time allotted to complete the test is two hours.


Adverse (adj)
SYN unfavorable
(n) adversary, adversity
(adv) adversely

displeasing, objectionable or bad
*Adverse weather conditions made it difficult to play the game.
*His indecision adversely affected his job performance.


SYN suggestion
(n) advisability
(adj) advisable

(Heed your father's advice)
A recommendation given by someone not associated with the problem or situation.
*Good advice is hard to find.
*It is not advisable to stay up late the day before a test.


attractive (adj)
SYN appealing
attract (v)
attraction, attractiveness (n)
attractively (adv)

Calling attention to, pleasing, creating interest.
*The idea of working four, ten-hour work days was attractive to the employees.
*The major attraction of the show was speech by the president.


autonomous (adj)
SYN independent
(adv) autonomously

Independent :
*Mexico became an autonomous state in 1817
*although working closely with the government, all business function autonomously.


Chronic (adj)
SYN constant
(adv) chronically

always present, continual
*The author's chronic headache prevented her from finishing the chapter.
*He is chronically late to class.


SYN objection
(n) the act of disagreeing
(v) disapprove
(adv) disapprovingly

the act of disagreeing
*Their disapproval of the plan caused the experiment to abandoned.
*The students disapproved of the plan of study.


Disruptive (adj)
SYN disturbing
(v) disrupt
(adv) disruptively
(n) disruption

Causing confusion and interruption
*Frequent questions during lectures can be disruptive.
*The storm caused a disruption in bus service.


haphazardly (adv)
SYN carelessly, arbitrary
(adj) haphazard
(n) haphazard

(In a haphazard way)
having no order or pattern, by chance
*It was obvious that the house was built haphazardly.
*Susan completed the assignment in a haphazard way.


persistent (v)
SYN Constant
(adv) persistently
(n) persistence

(Persistent problem, trouble)
Continuous, refusing to give up, firm in action or decision
*The attorney's persistent questioning weakened the witness.
*Her persistence earned her a spot on the team.


postpone (v)
SYN Reschedule
(adj) postponable
(n) postponement

(Delay, put off )
To change to a later time, to delay.
*The referee decided to postpone the soccer match.
*The postponement of the meeting upset the impatient club members.


valid (adj)
SYN Convincing
(n) validity
(adv) validly

Producing a desired result based on truths or facts.
*The students had a valid reason for missing class.
*The professor questioned the validity of the test results.


withdraw (v)
SYN extract
withdrawal (n)

To remove, take out, take back.
*The player withdrew from the competition.
*Gloria had to make a withdrawal from her saving to pay tuition.