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Circulate (v)
SYN distribute
(adj) circulatory
(n) circulation

* the news of the president's visit circulated quickly throughout the city.
* a dollar bill remains in circulation for approximately one and a half years.


consistently (adv)
SYN dependably
(v) consist
(n) consistency

* the temperature must be maintained consistently at 75 degree centigrade.
* the policy of the government concerning unemployment has been consistent.


exhibit (v)
SYN display
(n) exhibit, exhibition, exhibitor

* the compound exhibits the qualities of an acid.
* it was the best exhibition of talent that I have ever seen.


found (v)
SYN establish
(n) foundation, founder

* the wealthy woman founded a hospital in her hometown.
* the foundation maintained a number of philanthropic activities.


* improperly (adv)
SYN inappropriately
(adj) improper
(n) inappropriately, impropriety

* the disappointing outcome was a result of an improperly prepared petri dish.
* there was an impropriety with the way the funds were spent.


impulsively (adv)
SYN capriciously
(n) impulsiveness, impulse
(adj) impulsive

* she reacted impulsively to the loud noise.
* many shoppers buy items on impulse.


in frequently (adj)
SYN rarely
(adj) infrequent
(n) infrequency

* Tornados occur infrequently in the eastern part of the United States.
* Deserts are characterized by their infrequent rainfall.


isolated (adj)
SYN secluded
(v) isolate
(n) isolation

* the failure of the communication system left the towns isolated.
* the doctors were unable to isolate the cause of the epidemic.


overtly (adv)
SYN openly
(adj) overt

* he overtly disregarded the regulations.
* her overt attempt to take control of the discussion failed.


profoundly (adv)
SYN significantly
(n) profundity
(adj) profound

* everyone was profoundly impressed by the news reports.
* the Noble prize is a profound recognition of outstanding achievement.


sharply (adv)
SYN quickly
(v) sharpen
(n) sharpness

* car prices rose sharply over the past year.
* there was a sharp change in the humidity after the storm.


situated (adj)
SYN located
(n) situation
(v) situate

* the resort town of Cancun is situated in the northern part of the Yucatan peninsula.
* they found themselves in a very difficult situation.


subsequently (adv)
SYN afterward
(adj) subsequent

* the public applauded the president's actions and subsequently his rating in the polls improved.
* this report, and all subsequent reports, must be written in the appropriate style.


unmistakable (adj)
SYN indisputable
(adv) unmistakably

* The markings of the insect provided for an unmistakable identification of the species.
* It is unmistakably clear that the report must be finished by noon.


upstanding (adj)
SYN moral
(n) upstandingness

* the school only accepts upstanding young adults.
* the neighborhood has been kept clean and beautiful thanks to its upstanding residents.


briefly (adv)
SYN concisely
(adj) brief
(n) brevity

* the visiting professor spoke briefly at the faculty meeting.
* solar eclipse are brief moments when the Earth and Moon cross the Sun's fixed position in the solar system.