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disguise (v) (n)
SYN conceal
(adj) disguised

* it is hard to disguise the fact that business is slow.
* everyone saw through his disguise.


ignite (v)
SYN kindle
(adj) ignitable
(n) ignition

* the jury's decision ignited a fierce debate in the legal community.
* wood is difficult to ignite if it is damp.


indifferent (adj)
SYN apathetic, reluctant
(n) indifference

* the teacher was indifferent to student requests to extend the project's deadline.
* the player's indifference about his error in the field upset the coach.


narrate (v)
SYN relate
(n) narrative, narration, narrator
(adj) narrative

* Walter Cronkite narrated the documentary film.
* her fabricated narrative generated a lot of excitement.


SYN nonetheless
conj in spite of that

* she was quite sick; nevertheless she attended all of her classes.
* her project was flawed; nevertheless, it won second prize.


obsolete (adv)
SYN outdated
(n) obsolescence

* some people believe that writing instruments, such as pencil and pens, will soon be obsolete.
* some products are manufactured with planned obsolescence.


omit (v)
SYN neglect
(adj) omitted
(n) omission

* he inadvertently omitted some important data from the report.
* his paper had several notable omissions.


outlandish (adj)
SYN bizarre - weird
(adv) outlandish

* his outlandish ideas demonstrated his creativity.
* rebellious youth in many countries dress outlandishly.


pass (v)
SYN approve
(adj) passable
(n) passage

* the proposed amendment passed unanimously.
* the passage of the resolution is in doubt.


portray (v)
SYN depict
(n) portrayal

* the actress portrayed an orphan in movie.
* the book's portrayal of Mozart as a calm, mature individuals is inaccurate.


streamline (v)
SYN simplify
(adj) streamlined

* the planing process must be streamlined in order for it to be more reliable.
* internet stores have streamlined the process of the process of, finding, buying and selling merchandise.


accentuate (v)
SYN emphasize
(n) accentuation
(adj) accentuated

* the colorful dress accentuated the joy of the occasion.
* the supervisor accentuated her preference for hard working employees during the performance appraisal.