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elude (v)
SYN evade
(n) elusiveness
(adj) elusive

* the criminal has eluded the police for months.
* success has been elusive for the team.


evident (adj)
SYN apparent
(adv) evidently
(n) evidence

* It is evident that you are not feeling well.
* all the evidence points to the presence of hydrogen.


exhaust (v)
SYN deplete
(adv) exhaustively
(adj) exhausting, exhausted, exhaustive

* they exhausted their energy in ten minutes.
* the exhaustive report was acclaimed by everyone.


extensive (adj)
SYN comprehensive
(adv) extensively
(n) extension
(v) extend

* the extensive snowfall caused problems throughout the city.
* the professor extended a warm welcome to the new student.


facet (n)
SYN aspect
(adj) faceted

* the proposal had many beneficial facets.
* it was a multifaceted problem that challenged the entire student body.


oblivious (adj)
SYN ignorant
(n) obliviousness
(adv) obliviously

* the students were oblivious to the fact that test would cover the entire chapter.
* the coastal inhabitants were oblivious to the dangers of the approaching hurricane.


offensive (adj)
SYN insulting
(adv) offensively
(n) offensiveness

* rotten eggs emit an offensive odor.
* her offensive remarks angered the entire audience.


predictably (adv)
SYN expectedly
(n) prediction
(v) predict

* she predictably forgot to do her assignment.
* the government's predictions were accurate.


dignitary (n)
SYN celebrity

* every dignitary in Washington was invented to the wedding.
* all of the high-ranking dignitaries attended the economic summit.