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convey (v)
SYN communicate

(convey a feeling, message, an impression)
* the manager of the store conveyed his displeasure directly to the workers.
* he was able to convey his message to the audience with ease.


encompass (v)
SYN include

* her plan of study encompasses every aspect of computer science.
* the course encompasses all the literature of the nineteenth century.


heighten (v)
SYN intensify
(n) height

(heighten the chance)
* a very successful interview can heighten a candidate's chances to get a job.
* the public was in a heightened state of nervousness as the hurricane approached.


SYN carelessly
OPP deliberately, intentionally

* the reporter had inadvertently failed to include the name of one of the dignitaries.
* his inadvertent calculation caused him to derive the wrong answer.


inevitable (adj)
SYN unavoidable
(n) inevitability
(adv) inevitably

(inevitable consequences of something)
* when two weather system meet, unsettled weather conditions are inevitable.
* the inevitability of the outcome made the challenge less exciting.


infancy (n)
SYN beginning
(adj) infantile
(n) infant

* the new theory is in its infancy and will be throughly tested by its critics.
* the author's infantile writing style appeals to young readers.


mimic (v)
SYN imitate
(n) mimicker

* the comedian mimicked the president's gesture.
* parrots mimic the speech that they hear in their surroundings


retrieve (v)
SYN recover
(n) retrieval
(adj) retrieved

* will Detroit retrieve its status as the car manufacturing center of the world.
* this computerized information retrieval system is the most up-to date system available.


unlikely (adj)
SYN doubtful

* rain is unlikely to occur during the dry season.
* it is unlikely that he will want to attend the conference.


unwarranted (adj)
SYN unjustified

(unwarranted interference)
* his negative reaction was unwarranted.
* the motorist felt that the ticket for the infraction was unwarranted.


zenith (n)
SYN apex

* he reached the zenith of his profession at very young age.
* the publication of the book represented the zenith of his career.


conscientious (adj)
SYN meticulous
(adv) conscientious

* she is conscientious representative of the student body.
* they approached the task conscientiously.