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demonstration (n)
SYN display
(adv) demonstrably
(adj) demonstrative, demonstrable
(v) demonstrate

* the demonstration clarified the procedure for everyone.
* I have never seen the politicians so demonstrative of their feelings.


involuntarily (adv)
SYN automatically
(adj) involuntary

* he involuntarily worked overtime.
* reflexes are involuntary reactions to external stimuli.


marvel (n)
SYN wonder
(adv) marvelously
(adj) marvelous

(the marvels of modern life, science)
(I marvel at how.....)
* the Great Wall of china is one of the world's marvels.
* the weather was marvelous for an afternoon get-together in the park.


moderate (adj) (v)
SYN medium
(n) moderation

* she made the best of her moderate dancing ability .
* the broadway play was moderately successful.


odd (adj)
SYN unusual,strange
(adv) oddly
(n) oddity

(It is odd that)
* it is odd to find a person who speaks many languages.
* the moon rock is an oddity available at the museum for all to view.


profuse (adj)
SYN abundant
(n) profuseness
(adv) profusely

* the company apologize profusely for the defects in its product.
* she deserved the profuse praise from her teacher.


succinct (adj)
SYN concise
(adv) succinctly

* since she had little time to speak, the biologist made her presentation succinct.
* the class assignment is to summarize the book's plot as succinctly as possible.


sustained (adj)
SYN consistent
(adj) sustenance

* sustained rainfall is the only hope they have for relief from the drought.
* the trees could not sustain the attack of the locusts.


tangible (adj) # intangible
SYN concrete
(adv) tangibly
(n) tangibility

* the work of a teacher seldom produces tangible results until years after a student has graduated.
* the solution to this problem can be tangibly demonstrated.


aptly (adv)
SYN appropriately
(adj) apt
(n) aptness

* it was an aptly timed remark.
* emotional problems are apt to damage personal relationships.