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partisan (adj)
SYN biased

* the partisan political infighting caused congress's influence to decline.
* his views reflected his partisan bias.


phenomena (n)
SYN events
(adv) phenomenally
(adj) phenomenal

(historical phenomena-rare)
* rain showers are almost unknown phenomena in the Atacama desert of the Chile.
* the musician's phenomenal performance was applauded by the critics.


philanthropic (adj)
SYN humanitarian
(n) philanthropy, philanthropist

(philanthropic aids)
* the philanthropic work of the foundation benefits all sectors of society.
* his philanthropy is recognized around the world.


placid (adj)
SYN calm
(adv) placidly

(placid village-lake)
* the placid nature of her personality made her easy to work with.
* the waves moved placidly toward shore.


plentiful (adj)
SYN abundant
(adv) plentifully
(n) plenty

* examples of miro's are plentiful.
* a balanced diet normally provides plenty of the necessary vitamins.


scenic (adj)
SYN picturesque
(adv) scenically
(n) scenery , scene

(scenic route)
* the scenic route to the summit is much more interesting than the fastest route.
* the scenery in rural Japan is impressive.


sheltered (adj)
SYN protected
(n) shelter

* she has led a sheltered life, her parents having done everything for her.
* everyone looked for shelter from the blazing sun.


outburst (n)

* the joke caused an outburst of laughter from the audience.
* there was an outburst of complaints from the students when the teacher moved the test to Monday.