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controversial (adj)
SYN divisive
(adv) controversially
(n) controversy

* the governor made a controversial decision to raise taxes.
* the controversy was caused by the proposal to build an airport in the area.


exemplify (v)
SYN symbolize
(adj) exemplary

* the recent downturn in the housing industry exemplifies the poor economic conditions.
* her exemplary academic achievement is representative of most students at this institution.


factor in (ph.verb)
SYN consider

* the family had to factor in the price of gasoline as they planned their road trip.
* the architect did not factor in the required distance from the sidewalk in his design.


gratifying (adj)
SYN satisfying
(v) gratify
(n) gratefulness
(n) gratification

(gratifying experience)
* studying abroad can be a very gratifying experience.
* she was grateful for all the work he had done for her.


interpret (v)
SYN clarify
(n) interpreter, interpretation, interpreting

* the ambiguous speech was very difficult to interpret.
* the interpretation of the story generated some interesting discussion.


launch (v)
SYN initiate
(n) launch, launching

* the company launched a new program to attract more clients.
* the launching of the first Soviet Sputnik created concern among the American public.


legitimate (adj)
SYN authentic
(adv) legitimately
(n) legitimacy

* the engineer had a legitimate reason for changing the design of the building.
* the legitimacy of the theory has yet to be determined.


lethargy (n)
SYN sluggishness
(adj) lethargic
(adv) lethargically

* the hippopotamus basking in the sun displayed almost total lethargy.
* when it is time to do homework assignments, many students become lethargic.


ridge (n)
SYN crest

* a bald eagle stood on the ridge of the tall office building.
* the mountain ridge was heavily forested.


span (v)
SYN cover
(n) span

* the old man's life spanned two centuries.
* the span of the bridge is three miles.


spontaneous (adj)
SYN instinctive
(adv) spontaneously
(n) spontaneity

* the spontaneous combustion inside the cylinder creates the power of the motor.
* the crowd reacted spontaneously to the danger.


stream (n)
SYN river
(v) stream

* there was a constant stream of information coming from the White House.
* water streamed from the dam as workers attempted to make the repairs.


striking (adj)
SYN remarkable
(adv) strikingly

* His striking proposal saved the company from bankruptcy.
* That was a strikingly convincing argument that the speaker delivered.


Chaotic (adj)
SYN disorganized
(n) chaos

(economic chaos,cause chaos,create chaos, end in chaos)
* The traffic in Seoul is often chaotic.
* there was complete chaos when the world championships arrived at the airport.