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urine culture

-a procedure used to cultivate the growth of bacteria present in a urine specimen to identify specific pathogens
-sensitivity testing is performed afterwards.


24-hour urine specimen

-a collection of all of the urine excreted by the individual over a 24-hour period
-urine is collected in one large container
-the urine specimen is also called composite urine specimen


clean-catch specimen

-the collection is used to avoid contamination of the urine specimen from the microorganisms normally present on the external genitialia


first-voided specimen

-taking a urine sample first thing in the morning when it is the most concentrated.


random specimen

-a urine specimen collected at any time
-it is tested immediately


residual urine specimen

-obtained by cauterization after the patient empties the bladder by voiding. the amount that is removed is the residual amount