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The prefixes in this chapter express what?

numbers, measurements, position, direction, negative, and color.


Prefixes that express numbers

bi, hemi, milli, nulli, primi, quadri, semi, tetra, tri, uni


Prefixes that express measurement

Includes reference to multiples without using numbers: hyper, hyp, hypo, multi, poly


Prefixes that express position and/or direction to describe a location

ab, ad, ambi, ante, circum, de, dia, ecto, endo, epi, ex, exo, extra, hypo, in, infra, inter, intra, juxta, meso, para, peri, pre, pro, re, retro, sub, supra, trans


Prefix/combining forms that express color

alb, albin/o, chlor/o, cirrh/o, cyan/o, eosin/o, erythr/o, glauc/o, jaund/o, lute/o, leuk/o, melan/o, poli/o, purpur/o, rube, xanth/o


Prefixes that express negative

a, an, ana, anti, contra, dis, im, in, non,