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Location of cranial nerves
Cn iii,
Cn v
9  cards
Biochem miscellaneous
Exceptions to degeneracy of genet...,
Codon for methionine,
Codon for tryptophan
123  cards
Rate-determining enzymes of metabolic processes
Positive and negative regulators ...,
Positive and negative regulators ...,
Positive and negative regulators ...
17  cards
1st sign of puberty in males,
1st sign of puberty in females,
Child orients to voice by
565  cards
Reference Values
Normal anion gap,
Serum amylase
55  cards
Gene frequency of an x linked rec...
1  cards
Which segment of the systemic cir...,
Compression atelectasis,
Contraction atelectasis clinical ...
38  cards
Operant conditioning,
Mature defense mechanisms,
Schizophrenia risk 1 general popu...
155  cards
cardiovascular physiology
Difference between infantile type...,
Five ts of congenital cyanotic he...,
Vsd auscultation
5  cards
Order of neurovasculature in femo...,
Location of cricothyroid membrane...,
Paraesophageal hernia
397  cards
Peculiar feature about newborn re...,
Rv vs erv,
Characteristic of nrds
340  cards
Liquefactive necrosis,
Splenic rupture presentation,
Structure passing beneath uterine...
125  cards
Cavernous sinus syndrome presenta...,
Nerve most susceptible to injury ...,
Medial medullary syndrome present...
13  cards
Behavioral Science
Study population in cohort study,
Ruling in vs out,
Other expression for sensitivity
131  cards
Pronephros develops by,
203  cards
Beta glucuronidase
21  cards
Red pulp
1  cards
Solar elastosis1 etiology2 presen...,
Clark staging for melanoma,
Ocular albinism inheritance
28  cards
Effect modification,
Rare disease bias effect,
Determining significance of relat...
14  cards
Skin cancer epidemiology,
Which cells express mdr 1
2  cards
2  cards
Dopamine moa,
Why do you give dopamine for shock
293  cards
Romano ward syndrome,
Jervell and lange nielsen syndrome,
Brugada syndrome
620  cards
Ursodiol moa,
Ursodiol clinical use,
Orlistat moa
444  cards
Pneumatosis intestinalis,
Toxic epidermal necrolysis,
251  cards
Positive selection location,
Negative selection location,
Mhc class ii deficiency
326  cards
Most common ectopic thyroid tissu...,
Branchial cleft cyst origin,
Thyroid tissue origin
312  cards
Hyaluronic acid significance,
Only gram positive that produces lps,
Periodic acid schiff stain use in...
20  cards
Hematology, oncology
Treatment for refractory itp,
What binds gpiib iiia,
Weibel palade
201  cards
Enterochromaffin like cells,
Chronic gastritis etiology,
Spinocerebellar tract
10  cards
Cardiology Part II
Common presentation of ischemic h...,
Ast elevation without accompanyin...,
Where is ast found
49  cards
hematology oncology part 2
Infection in hereditary spherocyt...,
Mcv in spherocytosis,
Spherocytosis diagnosis
153  cards
Heme Onc Part III
Auer rods seen mostly in,
Other impt finding in aml,
Apl subtype translocation
150  cards
Pharmacology II
Epinephrine reversal
2  cards
Why do you get increased risk for...,
Crohns genetics,
Why are crohns patients at increa...
3  cards
Neurology I
Neural plate development mechanism,
What are neural crest cells deriv...,
Hindbrain gives rise to
71  cards
Neuro II
Acetylcholine location of synthesis,
Acetylcholine and neuro conditions,
Dopamine location of synthesis
59  cards
Neuro III
Limbic system functions,
Structures of limbic system,
Mesocortical symptoms
53  cards
Neuro IV
Location of brocas area,
Brocas1 speech fluidity2 comprehe...,
Wernickes1 speech fluidity2 compr...
62  cards
Neuro V
Most common site of berry aneurysm,
Berry aneurysm rfs,
Locations of charcot bouchard ane...
60  cards
Neuro VI
Common causes of noncommunicating...,
Differentiating ex vacuo ventricu...,
Common causes of ex vacuo ventric...
59  cards
Neuro VII
What inhibits primitive reflexes,
Plantar reflex,
Location of cn nerves
70  cards
Neuro VIII
What happens with cn v motor lesion,
What happens with cn x lesion,
What happens with cn xii lesion
76  cards
Neuro IX
Central retinal artery occlusion ...,
Central retinal artery occlusion ...,
Central retinal artery occlusion ...
71  cards
Neuro X
Deficient enzyme in krabbe disease,
What builds up in krabbes,
Krabbe pathophys
65  cards
Neuro XI
Hemangioblastoma path description,
Classic location of schwannoma,
Schwannoma management
56  cards
Neuro drugs
Pentazocine uses,
Pentazocine aes,
Butorphanol mechanism
60  cards
Neuro drugs 2
Other inhaled anesthetic other th...,
Inhaled anesthetic mechanism,
Effects of inhaled anesthetics
60  cards
ID 1
Flagellum composition,
Pilus fimbriae composition,
Which type of bacteria form spores
50  cards
Neuro from codebook
Sympathetic nervous system neurot...,
Arcuate nucleus secretes,
Paraventricular secretes
50  cards
Neuro from codebook 2
Other psych finding in lbd,
Ms initiation pathophys,
Optho findings in ms
26  cards
ID 2
Why cant you stain mycobacteria,
Why cant you stain mycoplasma ure...,
Why cant you stain chlamydia
51  cards
ID 3
Function of type iii secretion sy...,
Bugs with type iii secretion systems,
Other name for transformation
55  cards
ID 4
C perfringens toxin,
Alpha toxin mechanism,
Alpha toxin manifestation on agar
50  cards
ID 5
What is emetic type of b cereus u...,
What causes emetic type of food p...,
Characteristics of diarrheal type...
51  cards
ID 6
What does e coli produce,
Emb results,
Meningococci vs gonococci ferment...
65  cards
ID 7
Classic source of yersinia,
Cause of pseudo appendicitis with...,
H pylori triple positive
51  cards
ID 8
How does elementary body of chlam...,
Chlamydia life cycle,
Ophtho presentation of chlamydia
49  cards
ID 9
Giardia diagnosis,
Treatment for asymptomatic entamo...,
Entamoeba diagnosis
55  cards
ID 10
What causes intestinal tapeworm f...,
Treatment for intestinal tapeworm...,
Treatment for cysticercosis neuro...
50  cards
ID 11
Hsv 1 route of transmission,
Hsv 1 causes,
Most common cause of sporadic enc...
50  cards
ID 12
Rhabdovirus structure,
Filovirus structure
51  cards
ID 13
Hbv transmission mnemonic,
Hdv transmission,
Most common hev source
52  cards
ID 14
What happens during the latent ph...,
Time course of untreated hiv infe...,
Moderate immunocompromised with aids
66  cards
ID 15
Most common infections causing br...,
What are multiple brain abscesses...,
Single brain abscess accompanied ...
50  cards
ID 16
Difference in presentation betwee...,
Most common bacterial sti in us,
Chandelier sign
56  cards
ID 17
Cephalosporins as a class,
Organisms not covered by 1st 4th ...,
1st gen cephalosporins
59  cards
ID 18
Dihydropteroate synthase action,
Dihyrofolate reductase action
57  cards
ID 19
Griseofulvin uses,
Other griseofulvin ae,
Permethrin moa
50  cards
ID 20
Ifn alpha uses,
Ifn gamma use,
Interferons aes
19  cards
Fluid filled cavity located in th...,
Groove between dorsal column,
Rules for differentiating cervica...
14  cards
Be able to draw out
Pupillary light reflex,
Mlf pathway,
Visual field defects pathway
29  cards
Visual field defects
Affect of lesion to macula,
Visual presentation of pituitary ...,
Visual presentation of right temp...
8  cards
Biochem II
Glycolysis caveat,
Ammonia synthesis
2  cards
Study types
What is a cross sectional study w...,
What do cross sectional studies show,
Case series
6  cards
reproductive II
Rooting reflex,
Sucking reflex,
Primary vs secondary amenorrhea
7  cards
Renal II
Function of alpha intercalated cells,
Other name for acute interstitial...
2  cards
Psych II
Guanfacine moa,
Atomoxetine moa
2  cards
Biochem pathways
Draw out homocystinuria biochem,
Biochem types of homocystinuria a...
2  cards
Calculation Notes
When would you need to use the al...,
Dont forget to adjust vd for weight
2  cards
Biochem II
What is the function of the cahil...,
Function of cori cycle,
Draw out structure of urea
6  cards
ID 21
Strep viridans organisms
1  cards
Behavioral science II
What does a p value mean
1  cards
Miscellaneous II
When does babinski reflex disappe...,
P53 tumor suppressor mechanism,
Hydroxyurea moa
30  cards
Final notes
Cutoff for anion gap,
Affect of lowering threshold,
When would you use filgrastim sar...
5  cards

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