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Who are the new cases of TB almost always found in in the US?

~65% of the new US cases are among recent US immigrants


What types of TB patients are at highest risk for developing active disease?

AIDS patients — of those who are infected with TB, 10% per year will develop active disease.
• Recently infected with TB (within the past 2 years)


What is the difference between TB infection and disease?

Only a small percentage of those infected will develop active disease with the TB remaining in a latent state instead.


What is the transmission mechanism of TB?

Human to human and is almost exclusively airborne


Who is at most risk for TB?

• Close contacts of an active case
• Foreign-born persons from areas where TB is common


What is the pathogenesis of TB?

TB antigens -> lymphoproliferation, cytokine production, granuloma formation, tissue destruction; positive PPD skin test and Quantiferon assay -> both antimicrobial effect and tissue damage


What is the characteristic histological finding in TB?

Necrotizing granuloma with caseous necrosis. There will be giant cells in the center with palisading epithelial cells


Ghon focus

Primary site of infection on x-ray; lung periphery


What is found on exam of TB patients?

Nonspecific symptom complex (cough, fever, fatigue) with possible upper lung field infiltrates on CXR


What is extra pulmonary TB?

TB found in sites that progress from the original, bacteremic phase of infection – brain, epiphyses of long bones, kidneys, vertebral bodies, lymph nodes


What populations is XPTB seen in?

AIDS patients


What infections can mimic TB infections?

• Nontuberculous mycobacterial infections
• Fungal infections


PPD skin test reaction

Delayed hypersensitivity response to tuberculin


Quantiferon assay

Essentially an interferon gamma production assay that asks whether the patient’s blood lymphocytes have “immunological memory” for selected TB antigens


What smears for TB will be positive?

Acid Fast Bacillus smears and cultures from otherwise sterile sites


What is the NAAT used for in TB?

Nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT) increasingly available and the standard of practice for rapid diagnosis of TB


What is the origin of nontuberculous mycobacterial (NTM) infections?

NTM infections are environmental (not human) in origin


What do NTM usually require to cause disease?

NTM infections (non-HIV) usually “require” some type of underlying, predisposing lung problem, whereas TB does not require a predisposing condition to cause disease.

structural lung abnormality = predisposing factor


Do NTMs have latency?

NTM do not cause latent infection


Is skin testing and Quantiferon gold useful with NTM infection?



Do NTM infections disseminate from the lungs?

No, except in the case of AIDS patients

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