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What makes up the striatum?

Caudate and the Putamen


Where do the efferent fibers of the basal ganglia generally arise from?

Internal Globus Pallidus (GPi)


Does the basal ganglia have any major output to LMNs?



What is the normal effect of the Direct Pathway?

Increases motor activity via increased inhibition of the GPi which will lead to decreased VA/VL inhibition and increase input to the premotor cortex.


What is the effect of DOPA addition to the Direct Pathway with D1 receptors?

Motor activity will be increased even further with interaction of DOPA on the D1 receptors increased Caudate/Putamen activity leading to further GPi inhibition.


What is the normal effect of the Idirect Pathway?

Inhibition of motor activity with Striatum inhibition of GPe which then cannot act on the STN leading to the STN increasing inhibition of the GPi and inhibiting the VA/VL and therefore decreasing motor activity.


What is the effect of DOPA addition to the Indirect Pathway with D2 receptors?

D2 receptors decrease the activity of the Striatum which then allows increased GPe activity to inhibit GPi and STN which leads to increased VA/VL activity and increased motor action.


What is the net effect of Parkinson's?

Decreased movement due to increased activity of GPi leading to more tonic inhibition


What is the net effect of Huntington's?

Increased movement due to decreased activity of GPi from increased inhibition leading to leass tonic inhibition.

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