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How can you differentiate between the histology of bone marrow in a younger patient an older patient?

There will be a greater percentage of hemtaopoetic cells VS adipose cells in a younger patient than an older patient.

Around 100% in infants to around 30% by age 70


What cells make up the designation granulocytes?

- Basophils
- Eosinophils
- Neutrophils


What are the myeloid cells?

Granulocytes (- Basophils- Eosinophils- Neutrophils) and Monocytes


When will large numbers of band cells be found?

Times of stress, such as in infection


What are plasma cells and how are they recognized?

They are mature B cells that can be determined by their size and off center nucleus.


How are platelets formed?

Fragments of megakaryocytes break off to become platelets


How are eosinophils recognized?

Bright pink with a bilobed nucleus


How are basophils recognized?

Blue with many dark granules


How are lymphocytes recognized?

RBC-sized with large nucleus


How are monocytes recognized?

Blue-gray with a kidney bean nucleus


When can hypersegmented neutrophils be seen?

Megaloblastic anemia with Vitamin B12 or folate deficiency


What is left shift?

Left shift refers to an increase in immature cells due to increased demand secondary to infection or an acute inflammatory process. It is believed that cytokines accelerate the release of cells from the postmitotic reserve pool in the bone marrow, leading to an increased number of immature cells.

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