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What are some of the complications of shingles?

Post-Herpetic Neuralgia - chronic pain syndrome that develops with greater risk for those with greater age


Is there reactivation of HHV6/7?



What is the best of choice for diagnosis of EBV infection in a child under the age of 2?

A. RT‐PCR of respiratory sample
B. Detection of heterophile antibodies
C. Detection of IgM/IgG to VCA
D. Detection of Downey Cells
E. Detection of viral load in the serum

C. Detection of IgM/IgG to VCA


A physician returns from Sierra Leon and recovers from Ebola virus. He is negative for Ebola virus in serum samples. However, he complains of vision problems and notices a change in his eye color. What is a possible explanation for the clinical presentation?

A. Fatigue and eye strain
B. Persistence of Ebola virus in patient
C. Autoimmune response

B. Persistence of Ebola virus in patient


A pregnant women at 20 weeks gestation complains of a low grade fever and rash. She has recently travel to Brazil. What are the potential causes for this clinical presentations and what concerns might the patient have about her unborn child? What viral agent is likely to be responsible for this infection?

A. Zika virus
B. Dengue virus
C. Yellow fever virus
D. Chikungunya virus
E. Eastern equine encephalitis virus

A. Zika virus


What is the only arbovirus that can cross the placenta?

Zika Virus


How is Zika virus transmitted?

a) Bite of an infected mosquito
b) Mother to fetus
c) Sexual transmission from infected semen
d) All of the above

d) All of the above


An inactivated vaccine is used to prevent infection caused by which virus?

a) Varicella‐Zoster virus
b) Rubella virus
c) Smallpox virus
d) HDV
e) Epstein‐Barr virus

d) HDV


A 22‐year old man with a history of heroin addiction complains of jaundice, dark urine, anorexia, abdominal pain, and malaise. The disease progresses rapidly to fulminant hepatitis and cirrhosis. Which virus is most likely to be responsible for these findings?

a) Hepadnavirus
b) Picornavirus
c) Flavivirus
d) Calicivirus
e) Deltavirus

e) Deltavirus


Which pair of viruses has a similar antimicrobial target and could therefore be sensitive to the same FDA‐approved antiviral drugs?

A) CMV and HPV
B) HAV and VZV
C) HBV and HIV
D) HSV and CMV
E) RSV and VZV

C) HBV and HIV


A medical student on a pediatric rotation is concerned about contagion from his patients. His medical records show that he received routine childhood immunizations and that he had chickenpox when he was 5 years old. Which virus poses the greatest risk for a nosocomial infection?

A) California encephalitis virus
B) Influenza virus
C) Rubella virus
D) norovirus
E) respiratory syncytial virus

B) Influenza virus

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