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Describe a qualitative neutrophilic defect and the likely resulting infection

Chronic granulomatous disease- neutrophils fail to mount a respiratory burst in phagocytosis. Deficient in NADPH oxidase so H2O2 not formed. At risk of Staph Aureus infection


What infection is likely to result in a neutropenic patient?

Pseudomonal infections


Treatment for neutropenic patients

Broad specturm e.g. antipseudomonal penicillin with or without gentamicin.
2nd line treatment e.g. carbapenem
Granulocyte stimulating factors (GCSF) stimulates immune system.


Who might get a T cell deficiency

Rare to be congenital
Acquired- drugs e.g. ciclosporin (immunosuppressant) after transplantation, steroids, HIV


How might toxoplasma gondii be spead?

Cat faees or heart transplants-may present with lesion in brain and neurological sing


Complement is required to kill what type of bacteria

Encapsulated bacteria:
Strep Pneumo
N. Meningitidis
H, Influenza type B


Why might a splenectomy result in immunodeficiency?

The spleen is a source of complement an antibody producing B cells-removes opsonised bacteria from the blood. Causes: trauma, surgical or functional e.g. sickly cell anaemia-many thrombi in spleen that makes it incompetent


What infections might be transmitted immediately following transplantation

toxoplasmosis, CMV


What type of opportunistic infections during initial immunosuppression following a transplant are likely?

CMV, Aspergillus


What type of later opportunistic infections might follow a transplant?

Zoster, Listeria

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