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What is the difference between malingering and factitious disorder (aka Munchasen's syndrome)?

Malingering is for a secondary gain (such as a homeless person faking symptoms to get admitted during cold weather) and factitious disorder is when someone fakes symptoms but the aims aren't clear (such as just liking to be a patient) – also called Munchausen syndrome.


What is the basic framework of psychological/somatic pain that we're supposed to know for this lecture?

Somatic pain can precipitate or worsen psychological distress (such as anxiety or depression).

Psychological distress can make somatic pain seem worse.

Psychological distress can manifest as somatic complaints.


Describe the differences between somatic pain disorder, conversion disorder, and factitious disorder.

Somatic pain: persistent pain with disproportionate thoughts/feelings affected.

Conversion disorder: psychological stress triggering physical symptoms (often neurologic).

Factitious disorder: someone deliberately making themselves sick – administering inappropriate insulin.

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