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Order of events
Civil Code becomes a law
Napoleon defeated Russia
battle of Waterloo
Napoleon appointed first council
Spanish campaign begins

Napoleon appointed first council
The civil code becomes law
Spanish campaign begins
Napoleon defeated Russia
battle of Waterloo


N and 1795 convention

He was called upon to save the convention from rebellious french citizens

He ordered canons to be fired into the crowd via grape shot


N improvements in France

Old corrupt monarchies were swept aside for for forced to adapt to revolutionary ideas

he created a new law code based on the principles of the enlightenment

He created new school system universities and hospitals and reformed the court system. Even today many countries operate in ways that are a legacy of the Napoleonic system.


N control in France

He was the emperor

He tried to destroy the democracy


Rulers of conquered nations

We're ns family


What did the Napoleonic code guarantee and why was it important

It guaranteed, equality, the right to hold property, freedom of religion, and the freedom to choose your own job.

This was important because it promoted nationalism and equality which helped the country become one, and have a better economy.


How did the rise of napoleon and the French Revolution lead to nationalism in Europe

Europe loved the ideals of the Revolution "liberty, equality, and fraternity"

The French were proud of their country and their accomplishments. They were a nation they had the same language and culture history and ethnic background.



Nationalism that is too strong can lead to racism

Nationalism has led to many wars

Nationalism promoted independent nations

Extreme nationalism in Germany led to the holo cost.


Reasons why the continental system hurt napoleons empire

A lot of legal trade was cut off

Smuggling became so profitable that pirates would take the risk of being caught.

It hurt Napoleon just as much as it hurt the French

France wasn't allowed to trade with canada

It upset the French because they lost a lot of trade

Places that allowed french ships were severely punished


Attitude of Europe during n's campaigns

Most people he had conquered were happy and loves the ideas of the Revolution

They liked the idea of nationalism


Spanish military tactics

The guerrilla warfare tactic

The fighters were just regular dressed people and fought randomly and secretly

Sneaky and difficult to be the victims of this tactics


Russian victory -factors

The Russians won because they waited until napoleons army was weak to attack.

The Russians drew them further into Russia

Russia had the wether on their side and also had barren land and ditched all their home when they left killing crops and animals so n's army couldn't eat


Grand armee loyalty

N kept the loyalty of the grand armee because he promised the soldiers of each nationality that they would get to form their own countries after the war


The conference of Vienna

Was like a council after the first time they sent Napoleon away and it was to give back the land that Napoleon took.

The effects of the Revolution and n were canceled

The congress had to balance the power


The Russian campaign

Russia had first agreed to stop trade with Britain but tsar did not trust n

Russia refused to follow n's policies

So n got the largest army ever and tried to get Russia to fight


Egyptian campaign

N destroyed the Egyptian army
N needed Egypt to cut the British off from trade
The British destroyed his navy

The Egyptian campaign was a failure, n returned more popular than ever


Italian campaign

Was a success, although he didn't free the Italians, she looted and stole thousands of Jews and shipped them back to France.

The statement said we are here to free U we only fight with the ones enslaving u


N's exile

After he lost two important battles he gave up his thrown as emperor and was exiled to the island of Elba


N's victories

N's power came from military victories

He defeated Austria Russia and Prussia

Major battles won were ulm, austerlitz, and Jena


Spanish campaign

They used the guerrilla warfare tactic

The campaign was not a success, the Spanish people did not except n in 1808 Spanish people rebelled

After the 5 year war Spain won


N's exil and return

Louis XVIII was king of France. He was not. Good king believed in DRoK The Bonapartists wanted n back

N was exiled after he gave up the thrown, he got the votes of the people of Elba and he got an army to start fighting for him.

He lost the battle of Waterloo and was sent back to exile but on a different island, Saint Helena

N eventually died on saint hellena


Effect on n's rule of Europe

The continental system was made

Made his enemies sign the treaty of Tilsit

Europe was decided into countries and province

N made Europe change their legal system to be based off France's, n got rid of serfdom as well as inherited rights of aristocrats, napoleonic code,


Treaty of Tilsit

It was a treaty that the countries/areas n conquered had to sign for n to rule?

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