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What was the result of Martin Luther's 95 Theses?

enormous changes in religious life that led to the Reformation


What was the gist of Luther's 95 Theses?

Complaints about the practices of the Roman Catholic Church


When and Where were the 95 Theses?

1517 and nailed to a church door in Wittenberg's All Saints Church


What did the dissenters believe that caused them to write the 95 Theses?

The dissenters believed that the church was too wealthy and powerful, was not following Christ's teachings.


What did the dissenters become known as?



What did Protestants believe?

Church based on the word of God, which was from the Bible, Reject the authority of the Pope and Church officials, Church and services should be plain and simle


What made Protestants very angry?

they were very angry about the wealth that was displayed through elaborate decorations in Catholic churches


How did the Reformation change wars and disputes?

Now wars were not only political but were also religious


How did the power shift as the Pope's began to lose authority?

Kings figured they could grab more power and control as the church's power grew smaller.


How did Kings try to gain more control?

the kings claimed religious control and picked the religion of their country, they gave power to middle classes and undermined the nobles.


How did armies change after the Reformation?

Kings began to pay their armies rather than rely on the nobles to fight, as they had done in Middle Ages. Now they taxed people to pay for their armies.


How is 'nation' different from Medeval Times?

In Medeval Times people saw themselves as 'belonging to' or owing allegiance to the local lord. As 'national' feeling grew, people became more alligned with the king.


How did the king's power shift over time?

Kings became responsible for laws and peace, these kingly virtues of fairness etc became seen as given by God, next they started to see themselves as almost Godly, and developed the 'Divine Right of Kings'


Who is Martin Luther?

A German religious reformer


What is a protestant?

people who belonged to Christian congregations that separated from the Catholic church


What is Eucarist?

the sacrament of the Last Supper in Christian theology


What is a coutier?

an attendant at a monarch's court.

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