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Why is a civil war the worst kind of war?

People are fighting against their own country people.


How long did the British Civil War last?

17 years


What were the king's supporters called?

Royalists or Cavaliers


Where did the Royalists or Cavaliers come from?

Weathy families who were used to horseback and fighting


Where did the local Militia or rebels come from?

They were farmers and townspeople with very little fighting experience


Why was parliament at an advantage?

Parliament controlled the navy and the richest areas of the country, the south and London


Who did Parliament ally with?

The Scottish who started attacking from the North


Who was Oliver Cromwell?

The leader of the 'New Model Army", a Puritan, who believed in Parliament's cause


How was the "New Model Army" different from the Militia?

They were disciplined, religious, well equiped


How did they look different from the King's army?

They cut their hair short (Round Heads), wore steel body armour and lobster-tail helmets


Why were the battles of Marson Moor and Naseby important?

Charles lost and was forced to flee to Scotland where he was arrested, then handed over to Parliament

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