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Why did the population of Europe begin to grow in the 1500s?

Improvements in agriculture gave more food to more people.


What was the backbone of the economy in the 1500s?

Agriculture and most industries depended on raw materials such as hides for shoes, wool for cloth, grapes for wine


How was life changing for agricultural workers?

Agricultural workers were no longer tied to their lord's manor as they had been in Feudal times, many owned land or were tenants farmers (renting). Many changed jobs and moved into towns.


Why is the rise of towns important?

As people moved into towns, new jobs emerged, and society became less agricultural and more urban.


How did farming change?

Strip farming of Medieval times was not very productive. People consolidated (put together) their land into large fields vs strips. Farmers began to specialize in one crop and bought their other foods. New crops from the new world like potatoes and corn. And technology such as draining or irrigating fields.


Who was Sir Walter Raleigh?

An adventurer who was licenced by and paid by Elizabeth the first. He was allowed to seize cargo of other nations' ships!!


How did world exploration change Europe?

Trade between new places linked the world and Europeans went to live in the newly discovered places.


What are empires?

British, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, French countries established places around the world they considered 'theirs'.


How did a Middle Class grow?

Trade and the economy encouraged a new class of people who were not laborers and were not born into wealth. They were landowners and merchants.


What is a serf?

a person attached to a lord's land


what is a tenant?

a person who pays rent for the use of land to a landlord


What is an empire?

a group of states or territories controlled by one country.

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